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2024 Top 10 Hindu Festivals Around the World

Festivals have a special significance in our lives. They inspire and motivate our lives. Also, they bring happiness and change to our lives. 

Top 10 Hindu Festivals Around the World

That is why these are considered to be of special importance in our lives. Because as many festivals are celebrated in our country, hardly any other country was celebrated.

Top 10 Hindu Festivals

  1. Diwali

    Deepavali is closely associated with the country’s scriptures and Ramayana. This festival is celebrated with the wish of the arrival of good times by dispelling the darkness of darkness through the brightness of the light.

    There is a subtle message about the fight of light with darkness around this festival. Let’s see how such a festival is celebrated in different parts of India.

    Diwali is celebrated in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana based on the story told in the Ramayana. The day of Rama’s arrival in Ayodhya after the banishment is celebrated here as Diwali.

    Many people worship Ganesha and Lakshmi at home on this day. The house is decorated with rangoli. Kali puja is performed at Diwali in several places in eastern India, including East India and Bengal.

    Although the area is covered with light like the rest of India, the type of puja differs from the rest of the states.

  2. Holi

    The Holi festival is the largest color festival in the world, known by different names in different places. In Bengal, it is known as Dol Purnima or Dol Utsav. But it all celebrates this festival with the same enthusiasm.

    Everyone celebrates their own tradition in their own way. All in all, this festival provides the means to brighten one’s life for a few moments or to forget everything and live happily for a few hours.

    Everyone celebrates the festival in their own way, regardless of their preferences, or religious beliefs. Some people want to capture some of these happy moments in Abir’s color and some in Badur’s color.

  3. Dussehra

    This day also carries special significance in Indian spirituality. The symbolic Ravana-Dahan is celebrated in different parts of the country to throw the evil deeds done by Ravana into the fire.

    The festival of Dussehra also speaks of choosing a humble life by killing Ravana, the image of pride and arrogance.

    On this day, the struggle of good power against evil is considered to be completed on the tenth day. A closer look reveals that the 10-day festival in the agricultural country of India revolved around a special crop. That crop is paddy.

  4. Navratri

    On Chaitra Navratri, nine forms of Durga are worshiped for nine days and according to their own custom, Ram Navami is celebrated on the eighth or ninth day.

    Remember the day whose worship, remember the idol, and worship according to the rules. Worship with a holy heart and if you do so, you will definitely get results in this Navratri worship.

    These four Navaratris of the year are Shardiya Navaratri, Magh Navaratri, Chaitra Navaratri and Ashar Navaratri. Shardiya Navratri is celebrated in the month of Ashwin according to the Hindu calendar and in September-October according to the English calendar. Besides, Magh Navratri is celebrated in winter in the month of Magh.

    Chaitra Navratri is celebrated in spring and Ashar Navratri is celebrated in the monsoon. Among these, Navratri is popular among the devotees of the Ashwin and Chaitra months.

    Magh Navratri and Ashar Navratri are also known as Gupta Navratri as they are not so popular. Chaitra Navratri is also known as Basanta Navratri as it falls in spring.

  5. Krishna Janmashtami

    Janmashtami is the happy birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. On the eighth day of Krishna paksha in the month of Bhadra, with the addition of Rohini Nakshatra, Krishna was born as the eighth child of Mata Devaki in Madhura Kanga prison. His birthday is called Janmashtami.

    Janmashtami will be celebrated all over the country next Tuesday. This day is believed to be the date of the advent of Lord Krishna in Hinduism. Krishna, the eighth son of Devaki and Basudev, was born on a rainy night in Kansas prison.

  6. Ganesh Chaturthi

    Ganesha bestows prosperity and accomplishment in any work. He also gave wisdom to deranged people. Therefore, on the occasion of worship of Ganesha Chaturthi, happiness and prosperity are celebrated along with the worship of God.

    If you worship Ganesha at home, as happiness and peace are maintained there, danger cannot enter. But before worshiping in Chaturthi, knowing how to worship Ganesha will bring prosperity in your life.

    Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in those parts of the country in the month of Bhadra. On the other hand, the place of composition and popularity of Brahmavaivarta Purana is Bengal, so the practice of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi is prevalent here on the white side of the month of Magh.

  7. Kumbh Mela

    Kumbh is organized every 12 years. This year, Purnakumbh will be held at Haridwar, a religious town in Uttarakhand on the banks of the Ganges. Millions of people gather at Har Ki Pauri Ghat in Haridwar in a few days of the fair.

    Many people from different parts of the country but also from abroad come to visit Kumbh Mela. Joining Purnakumbhe, in particular, is considered to be a very virtuous deed.

    It is a common belief that if one comes to Aquarius and takes a holy bath, one can be freed from all sins. There are a few special days when Aquarius walks, during which bathing in the Ganges is believed to bring more auspicious results.

  8. Maha Shivratri

    Shivaratri is the day after the celebration of Pradosh Vows. This date is also considered very auspicious in astrology. On this day the arrears may come back.

    It is said that girls get grooms like Shiva if they perform vows with devotion. Also, all the desires of the mind are considered to be fulfilled.

  9. Raksha Bandhan

    Raksha Bandhan is a Sanskrit phrase, place means ‘protection’ and ‘Bandhan means ‘to tie’, so Raksha Bandhan means ‘to tie the knot of protection.

    The day is celebrated in different states of India following completely different customs and traditions.

    Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Shravan and due to this fact it is also known as Rakhi Purnima.

  10. Rama Navami

    On the day of Ram Navami, the people are white, etc. NIV, then the day comes from sunrise. On this day, the four-legged bath of Ramchitmans is celebrated in the temples. People pay homage to the footsteps of Sri Shree Sriram for the accuracy of your psyche.

    Lord Rama was born on the 4th Shukla Navami, so this date is largely due to the incarnation of Lord Rama, therefore Swami V Lord Vishnu. This day is the first birthday in the homeland of God Himself. As people do their spirituality your attitudes are to be done first.

It is also seen at festivals. There are many festivals and celebrations in our country, which people celebrate with a lot of enthusiasm.

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