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2023 Raksha Bandhan Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha


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Raksha Bandhan Puja Vidhi and Raksha Bandhan Vrat Katha

In India, relationships transform into celebrations. To celebrate this bonding and togetherness, Indians enjoy it with pomp and enthusiasm. Well, one such festival of love and attachment is Raksha Bandhan. It usually falls during the holy month of Shravan on a full moon night time, which falls in August.

Meaning Of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is understood by different religious names. In the north, they call Rakhi Purnima or Kajri Purnima. In the south, it is known as 'Avani Avittam'. In the west, it is named Nariel(Coconut) Purnima. The words 'Raksha Bandhan' imply 'A bond of safety'. It's a festival to celebrate the bond of love and affection between brothers and sisters. On this present day, brothers pledge to protect the sisters from all troubles. In return, the sisters pray to protect the brothers from all evils.

Raksha Bandhan —Tying The Thread Of Love

Raksha Bandhan kindles the deepest of feelings between brothers and sisters, especially when they're happily married. On this present day, both brothers and sisters look forward to celebrate this bond of love. Raksha Bandhan is just not a festival of rituals and customs. It just tying the beautiful and elegant thread of love referred to as 'Rakhi'. A week in advance, rakhis are embellished and twined by the sisters themselves with gold and copper strings and motifs.

In some instances, they buy and choose the most beautiful range of rakhis. They enhance the Puja thali with tilak, rice grains, metal lamps, agarbhattis, and of course, the brother's favorite sweets (mithais). On the main day, sisters are dressed up in the best of ghagra and lehengas outfits, while the brothers are clad in the perfect of sherwanis and crush dupattas.

They generally fast till they tie the rakhis. To add a lot of fun and merry-making, the brothers deliberately keep their sisters hunger pranks for a long time. They purposely bathe late and then join in for the Raksha Bandhan ceremony. The sister, royally performs the aarti of the brother. She ties the rakhi, puts tilak on his forehead, and offers him, sweets.

She then recites particular prayers of safety and love. The brother in turn blesses the sister. He guarantees to guard her from the evils of the world. They present them with expensive gadgets and sponsors holiday tickets.

Raksha Bandhan: An Alternative Style

On this present day, monks tie rakhis on their patrons and in return receive offerings from them. For the people, the festival of 'Raksha Bandhan' is a symbol of concord. Right here, folks tie rakhis to their neighbors and friends.

Rakhi Tying Worship Method

  • First of all, decorate the plate of Rakhi. Place roli, kumkum, akshat, yellow mustard seeds, lamp, and rakhi on this plate. 
  • After this, tie tilak to the brother in his right hand and tie the Rakhi in his right hand. 
  • After tying the rakhi, take the brother's aarti, then feed the brother sweets. 
  • After tying the rakhi, the brothers should give the items to the sisters based on their needs and ability.
  • The Brahmin or Pandit ji also binds the Raksha Sutras on his yajaman's wrist. Mustard, saffron, sandalwood, Akshat, and Dob have to be tied in Rakshasutra. 
  • Raksha-sutra has to be worshiped. Rakhi should be tied on the right wrist only. 
  • If possible, each brother and sister keep fast till the Raksha-sutra is tied.

Raksha Bandhan Vrat Katha: Story of Raksha Bandhan

In accordance with the legend, in ancient times the king was sacrificing sacrifices to overcome the heaven of gods. Then Devaraja Indra prayed to Vishnu to guard all of the gods from King Bali. After this, Srihari Vamana took an incarnation as a Brahmin to seek alms from King Bali. The Brahmin requested Bali for 3 pug of land in charity. Bali thought {that a} small Brahmin, how a lot of land he would be capable of taking in three steps. Thinking so, Bali promised to provide three steps of land to Vamana.

Srihari started increasing his stature within the Brahmin period and measured the whole earth in a single step. Within the second leg, the entire brahmand was measured. After this, the Brahmin requested Bali, where should I put the third leg now? King Bali understood that they don't seem to be extraordinary Brahmins. Bali sacrificed his head to have a 3rd leg. Seeing this, the Vamana avatar was happy and came in the form of Vishnu and asked Bali to ask for a boon.

• King Bali stated to Lord Vishnu that you need to always be with me in hell. God accepted this and went to Hades with the king. When Mahalakshmi came to learn about this, she too went to Hades and tied Raja Bali's wrist on his wrist and made him his brother. After this, Bali requested Goddess to ask for a present, then Lakshmi asked for Lord Vishnu. King Bali obeyed his sister Lakshmi and returned to Vishnu.

• It's believed that since then the festival of Rakshabandhan is being celebrated. Every year the sisters tie a protecting coat on their brother's wrist and pledge to guard the siblings.

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