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2023 Surdas Jayanti : Importance and Significance

Know The Importance and Significance of Surdas Jayanti

Mahakavi Surdas who introduced the people to the child pastimes of Lord Krishna. Those who aroused a sense of love in each individual. The children of Nandlal and Yashomati Maiya were made child Gopal. Surdas name is taken paramount in the stream of Krishna devotion.

Surdas whom he told goes to birth but nobody could see what he noticed. On the confirmation of Guru Vallabhacharya, Surdas went so far as to tell even the ship of this route. By the grace of his Guru, we also see the Leela Surdas of Lord Shri Krishna being depicted in his words. Vaishak Shukla Panchami is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Surdas ji. Let's know about his life.

Brief Biography of Surdas

Surdas's complete life was spent in Krishna devotion. He wrote and sang verses on Krishna's pastimes. This responsibility was entrusted to him by his Guru Vallabhacharya. Students differ on the birth of Surdas. Some consider his birthplace as village Sihi, which currently falls in Faridabad district of Haryana, whereas some consider the village Runkata on Mathura-Agra highway as his birthplace. It's believed that he was born in 1478 AD.

Surdas was born right into a poor Saraswat Brahmin family. His father Ramdas was also a singer. Students aren't unanimous about his beginning. The truth is, the liveliness that's drawn in his compositions, the nuances of the different colors of life, even those that shouldn't have a good eye can tell them, that is why doubts are raised about their blindness.

It's popular about him that he was a sage from childhood. It was discovered in the form of a boon to tell them saguna. Quickly they also became very famous. However, he didn't really feel like leaving his village and began living on the banks of the pond in the nearby village.

Soon they began transferring from there too and started living at Gaughat close to Agra. Right here he soon turned well-known as Swami. It was here that he met Vallabhacharya Ji. He gave them the initiation of Pushtimarga and got them to see the pastimes of Shri Krishna. Vallabhacharya entrusted him with the responsibility of Lilagan within the temple of Shri Nathji, which he continued to play for his life.

How Surdas died

It's believed that he had already realized his death. The place of his death is believed to be the village Parsauli. It's believed that it was right here that Lord Shri Krishna performed Raslila. When Surdas was not present during the aarti of Shri Nathji, Vallabhacharya realized that the final time of Surdas was near.

Addressing his disciples, he stated on the similar time that the ship of Pushtimarga is occurring, which could be taken. After Aarti, everybody got here close to Surdas ji. So Surdas ji turned unconscious. It's stated that when all of the knowledge was being obtained from him, Chaturbhujadas, who was the one disciple of Vallabhacharya, doubted that Surdas had always sung the verses of Bhagavadbhakti and didn't sing any position in Gurubhakti.

Then he stated that for him there isn't a difference between Guru and God who sang for God and also for Guru. Then he sang a verse known as Bharoso strongly in Charanon Kero. After this, on the question asked by Vithalnath ji concerning the mind and eye, the sacrifices must be sacrificed. This was additionally his final time period which he sang. After this, the ship of Pushtimarg went to Golok.

When is Surdas Ji's birth anniversary celebrated

There was a difference of opinion about the birth date of Surdas, but in keeping with the prevailing belief among the many followers of Pushtimarga, Surdas ji is said to be ten days younger than his Guru Vallabhacharya ji. Vallabhacharya's birth anniversary is celebrated on Vaishakha Krishna Ekadashi. Based on its calculation, Surdas is believed to be born on Vaishakh Shukla Panchami. For this reason, every year Surdas ji's birth anniversary is celebrated on this day.

Know a topic related to Surdas and his Guru

Surdas was blind. He's believed to have had darshan of Lord Krishna as soon as in his childhood. Surdas' guru was Vallabhacharya. Once Surdas was humming bhajans and Vallabhacharya was mentally worshiping God. In mental worship is completed within the mind itself. Just like the devotee thinks in the mind that we're worshiping God with so much materials and in such a means.

In mental worship, Vallacharya was providing a wreath to God, however the wreath became small. The necklace was stuck in the crown of Shri Krishna. Vallabhacharya was failing to put on a necklace to God. In the meantime, Surdas stated that Guruji should open the knot of defeat.

Wearing a necklace to God, tie the knot once more. Vallabhacharya was surprised to hear this, as a result of he was doing mental worship. Nobody can discuss his thoughts, but Surdas knew this by the power of his devotion.

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