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2023 Tulsidas Jayanti: Significance and Importance

Know the Significance and Importance of Tulsidas Jayanti

Tulsi Jayanti is celebrated in the memory of Goswami Tulsidas throughout India. Tulsidas's birth anniversary is celebrated on the seventh day of the month of Shravan.  Goswami Tulsidas flowed the Rama Bhakti stream of spiritual devotion in such a way that that stream is still flowing. Goswami Tulsidas not only devoted his life by way of devotion but also tried to tie everybody to the ideals of Shri Ram. Goswami Tulsidas composed the Ram Katha in people language with Valmiki's creation as the basis of Ramayana.

Tulsidas Biography

As soon as Tulsidas ji's name comes, the form of Lord Ram also emerges. Tulsidas Ji, the creator of the Ramcharit Manas and the one who has received that devotion, even after many births, cannot get it, Tulsidas Ji, who has got the same wonderful form, should be respected and revered for all. Tulsidas Ji was born in Samvat 1589 in a village known as Rajapur in the Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. His father's name was Atmaram Dubey and his mother's name was Hulsi.

Tulsidas Ji, having suffered a lot during his childhood, was married to Ratnavali, he had a great love for his spouse Ratnavali, however, due to this love he once reprimanded his spouse Ratnavali "Laj na aapne daura aaye aayu naath"  Changed the direction of his life and Tulsi became immersed in the devotion of Ram Ji in order that he became his exclusive devotee. Later he obtained initiation from Guru Baba Narharidas.

Most of Tulsidas's life was spent in Chitrakoot, Kashi and Ayodhya. Tulsi Das ji has been touring to many locations, he has composed many works, among the many works composed by Tulsidas, Ramcharit Manas, Kavitavali, Jankimangal, Vinayapatrika, Geetavali, Hanuman Chalisa, Barvai Ramayana and so on. are outstanding.

Major Compositions of Tulsidas

Tulsidas Ji was a scholar of Sanskrit language. Throughout his lifetime, he composed many texts. Shri Ramcharitmanas, composed by Tulsidas Ji, is read with great devotion, Ramcharitmanas in which Tulsidas Ji has depicted a very beautiful and devotional portrayal of Lord Rama's character. In Dohavali, Tulsidas Ji, using Doha and Soratha, has told extremely emotional and moral issues. Kavitavali describes the historical past of Sri Rama in verses like Kavita, Chaupai, Savaiya, and so on.

Identical to Ramcharitmanas, there are seven episodes in Kavitavali. Gitavali is one other composition comprising seven scandals, in which a very emotional description of the kindness of Shri Ramchandra is given. Apart from this, Vinay Patrika Krishna Geetavali and created works like Barwai Ramayana, Hanuman Bahuk, Ramlala Nahchhu, Janaki Mangal, Ramagna Query and Sankat Mochan which have been small works of Tulsidas Ji. After Ramcharitmanas, Hanuman Chalisa is the most well-liked literary work of Tulsidas Ji. Which all of the devotees pay attention with great devotion.

Tulsidas as a Community Guide

Tulsidas Ji at that time tried to remove many evils spread within the society. Through his creations, he criticized the evil done in paganism, pantheism, and society. He used to conceive Ramrajya. Here some people of the society started getting jealous of him by this work and even tried to destroy his creations but nobody could hurt his works.

Even today, Ramlila is staged in every corner of India. With a view to commemorate his delivery anniversary, Ramcharit Manas and his scriptures are learned in every corner of the country. Tulsidas ji spent his final time in Kashi and sacrificed his body while remembering the name of his Lord Shri Ram Ji on the day of Shravan Krishna Tritiya in Samvat 1680 at the famous Ghat Asighat.

Creations of Tulsidas

Apart from this Parvati Mangal,Dohavali, Hanuman Bahuk, Ramlala Nahchhu, Ramcharitmanas, Kavitavali,and so on. composed many works. Many quadrants have turn into gnarled. Tulsi thought-about truth and philanthropy as the best religion and renunciation was the mantra of life. It's the meaning of humanity to make the human body in the true sense.

Through eternal values like Bharata's renunciation, Rama's compassion, Jatayu's devotion, Shabri-Kevat love, Hanuman's devotion, Sumati, he solved odd problems. Waking up the society steeped in falsehood, hypocrisy, hypocrisy, considering karma positive, fate negative.

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