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2023 Kabirdas Jayanti: Significance and Importance

Kabirdas Jayanti: Significance and Importance of Kabirdas Jayanti

Saint Kabir was an Indian mystic poet and saint of the 15th century. He was completely dedicated to secular values and human service, not believing in Hinduism or Islam. He raised an allegation whereas criticizing the evil practices, rituals, superstitions, and social evils spread within the society.

Kabir Das was a worshiper of Nirgun Brahm. They believed in just one God. He was against the hypocrisy within the name of superstition, faith, and worship. He has used the words Ram, Hari, and so on. for Brahma. In accordance with him, Brahma can also be identified by different names.

 He confirmed the path of knowledge to the society during which the significance of Guru is paramount. Kabir was a free thinker. He has used simple and people language in his work Sabad, Sakhi, and Ramani to convince individuals. His views are very related even today.

Kabir Das, who has at all times spoken well, received threats from each Hindu and Muslim community throughout his lifetime. His birth anniversary is celebrated yearly on Jyestha Purnima. It's believed that he was born on this full moon of Samvat 1455.

Throughout that time of the Bhakti period, Kabirdas Ji spent his entire life in social reform. Kabirpanthi considers him a supernatural avatar man. Kabir is lovely. He was born around 1398 AD before Lahartara Tal, Kashi. There are different views about his birth.

How people celebrate Kabir Das Jayanti?

The followers of Kabirdas throughout the nation spend the entire day in his commemoration. Many people like reading the nice poems written by him. On the day, seminars will likely be organized to make his followers understand the significance of his great teachings.

His followers consider that Kabirdas is still alive in their hearts. The town of Varanasi, the birthplace of this nice poet, celebrates the day magnificently. At Kabirchaura Mutt, non-secular talks are organized for his devotees.

Non-secular leaders will preach the prodigious lessons of Guru Kabirdas. On the day, you might observe superior celebrations in the temples of Kabir in a number of regions of the nation. Colleges and schools will create a platform for students to learn to his poems.

Breathed his last in Maghar

Kabir had a strong belief that one will get his end in accordance with his deeds and not because of a particular place. To show his belief, he went to Maghar in the end as a result of people believed that one dies in Kashi, and heaven is found in Maghar. He breathed his last in Maghar. Even today the tomb and mausoleum are situated there.

His writings include  Kabir Bijak, Sakhi Granth, Anurag Sagar, and Granthwali. The major part of Kabir's work was collected by the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev, and included within the Sikh Guru Granth Sahib. The identification of Kabir's work is his two-line couplet, which is named Kabir's couplets.

It's stated that after his demise when there was a dispute between Hindus and Muslims to burn or bury his body, some flowers have been seen there when the sheet was removed from his dead body with mutual consent. It's stated that these flowers have been divided among Hindus and Muslims and in accordance with their religions, both communities cremated them.

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