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Shravana Purnima: Importance & Significance

The full moon of the month of Shravan is considered to be a very auspicious and holy day. The importance of penance and charity done on these days is mentioned in the texts. On this day the holy festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated, along with this, the Shravani undertaking starts on Shravan Shukla Purnima. There is a special importance of Shravani Karma, on this day there is a law for worship of Yagyopaveet and Upanayana rites.

The Brahmin class undertakes for the purification of their karma. In Hindu religion, the full moon of the month of Sawan is considered to be a very holy and auspicious day. The month of Sawan is considered to be the month of worship of Lord Shiva. There is a law to do special worship of Lord Shiva every day in Sawan.

Lord Shiva is soon pleased with this kind of worship and fulfills all the wishes of his devotees. The full moon day of this month is considered to be the last day of this month, so on this day, by worshiping Shiva and water consecration, one gets the virtue of devotion to Shiva for the whole month.

Kajari Purnima

The festival of Kajari Purnima also falls on the day of Shravan Purnima. This festival is specially celebrated in some places of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Uttar Pradesh. Preparations for this festival start from the ninth day of Shravan Amavasya. On the day of Kajari Navami, women bring earthen pots of tree leaves in which barley is sown.

On Kajari Purnima, women carry these barley pots on their heads to be immersed in a nearby pond or river. By worshiping this Navami, women sow Kajari. Sings songs and tells stories. Women keep a fast on this day and pray for the long life and happiness of their son.

Shravan Purnima is known by many names in different regions of India and is celebrated accordingly such as the festival of Raksha Bandhan in North India, Narayali Purnima and Avani Avittam in South India, Kajari Poonam in Central India and Gujarat. It is celebrated in the form of sanctification.

Raksha Bandhan

The festival of Rakshabandhan is also celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Shravan, it is also called Sawani or Saluno. Rakshabandhan is the form of Rakhi or Rakshasutra. Generally, sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers. On this day sisters tie Rakhi on their brothers’ wrists, perform their aarti and in return the brother promises to protect his sister and also gives her as a gift.

Apart from this, Rakshasutra or Rakhi is also tied by Brahmins, Gurus and little girls in the family to relatives like daughters to father. On this day, Yajurvedi dvijas are performed, emitting, bathing method, sage-tarpanana, etc. and wearing a new Yajnopaveet. Vrittivan brahmins take Dakshina by giving yajnopaveet and rakhi to their hosts.

Amarnath Yatra ends on Shravani Purnima

According to the Puranas, the holy stick pilgrimage of Shri Amarnath begins on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima and ends on Shravan Purnima. On the day of Shravan Purnima, water is offered to the Shivling by the Kanwaris and their Kanwar Yatra ends. Lord Shiva is worshiped on this day, as part of Pavitopana, cotton wicks are dipped in Panchgavya and offered to Lord Shiva.

Shravan Purnima Significance

On the day of Shravan Purnima, the moon is with its full arts, so worshiping on this day gives freedom from Chandradosh, the day of Shravani Purnima is important for charity, virtue, so after bathing on this day feed fodder to cow etc. Food should be fed to ants, fish etc. Godan is of great importance on this day.

On the day of the Shravani festival, every religious believer who wears the sacred thread changes the thread with a vow of purity of mind, word and deed, giving donations to the Brahmins and food is served. There is a law to worship Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi on this day. The darshan of Vishnu-Lakshmi brings happiness, wealth, and prosperity. Rakshasutra should be offered to Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Mahalakshmi, and Hanuman on this holy day.

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