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Sawan Somwar Vrat 2023 - Know Significance and Puja Vidhi

The month of Sravan is very auspicious for worshiping or adoring Lord Shiva and it is believed to be the favorite month of Maheshwar. This month of Shravan is also considered as the month of Shiva.

The greatness of every Monday of the month of Sravan is greater. It is believed that the Mondays of the month of Shravan are suitable for attaining good fortune and virtue. Therefore, Hindus observe the vows of Shiva every Monday of this month. Many people think that worshiping Shiva every Monday in the month of Sravan fulfills the desires of all minds.

Therefore, according to the custom, many people worship Shiva every Monday. Find out what Monday falls on some dates in the month of Shravan this year and what is the greatness of this day.

Lord Shiva is the controller of the Moon.

Monday is the day of the lunar planet and Lord Shiva is the controller of the moon. Therefore, worshiping on this day provides not only the moon but also the grace of Lord Shiva. Any person who is having health problems is having difficulty in marriage or has been impoverished if he worships Lord Shiva lawfully on every Monday of the monsoon, then one can get rid of all the problems.

Mother Parvati kept a fast of sixteen Mondays due to the relationship between Shiva and Shiva. Sawan’s Monday is considered infeasible for marriage and child problems.

Sawan Vrat Significance

Monday is worshiped for the worship of Lord Shiva and especially for marital life. If there is no marriage in the horoscope or there are obstacles in the marriage, then the Monday of the month of Savan should be taken with a resolution.

It is best to take the resolution of Monday fast in the month of Savan, apart from this it can also be done in other months. It mainly worships Shiva Linga and water and Bel Patra are offered on it.

Worship method for the monsoon season

  • Go barefoot from home and take water in the lotus from home.
  • Offer water on the Shivling, prostrate to God.
  • Standing and chant the Shiva Mantra 108 times.
  • In the evening, chant the Lord’s mantras again and perform Aarti for them.
  • At the end of the puja, only take water

The benefit of taking vows on Monday in Shravan

Mother Parvati satisfied Bholenath by observing a vow from fasting in the month of Sravan to get Lord Shiva as her husband. This month, devotees worship Shiva and wish him a happy married life. If a person has problems in his married life, worship in the month of Shravan is beneficial.

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