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Kokila Vrat 2023 - Know Facts, Puja Vidhi & Katha

Fasting regularly in Hinduism. Kokila is one of the Sun. The full moon date of the night of Ashada, the night of Kokila, has begun and the full moon day of Shravan has ended. It would be aviation and for conviction. Kokila, along with Purna Rama, is a testament-able and universally agreed on husband.

If a married woman pays obeisance to this fast, then her husband’s age becomes longer. Those who observe this fast with full devotion corporation get the desired fruits.

Kokila Facts

  • It is true in our method that Kokila is okay by fasting.
  • The age group is about to get older. It is the same in Sundar Kokila. This is particularly important.
  • Kokila fasting in more months. If you implement the action that is run after the update, the latest update is also applied to make sure that.So even after washing, do the same after getting it right.
  • Keep this fast at home and increase happiness.

Kokila Puja Vidhi

  • This fast is fortunate or fortunate for women. Awakening should take place before the sun rises before conceiving. Smells and lighters for exercising after bathing.
  • You were contacted about this for the first time. Worship system of Suryadev.
  • For the next 8 days, bathe the turmeric mixed with bath water and bathe it in the last 6 days by mixing oil and amla with water.
  • Decorate it after worshiping internally.
  • The day of Brahman or mother-in-law cuckoo is needed after Vidhi Puja.
  • For fasting Kokila, silver or lacquer cuckoo should be kept in a peepal tree and get up before sunrise and take bath and then worship it by law.
  • The importance of the festival is also important in this fast. It is on this fast.

Special things related to Kokila Vrat

  • In Kokila devotee Bar Mata Parvati received Bholenath.
  • Before birth in Parvati form, Parvati Koyal was born in Nandan forest till Pour Dodger.
  • After freedom from curse, Parvati did a new worship of cuckoo. Due to the greatness of this puja, Shiva Prasanna and Parvati were accepted as wife.

Kokila Vrat Katha

Siva, the sutra of the scriptures, was married to Daksha Prajapati. Prajapati did not like it. Prajapati gets angry with Sati. Once the great-grandfather chose one of the Gods and Goddesses and handed over Sati. Sati had a desire to see marriage and he was on a hunt for Daksha by Shiva Seth.

Daksha contempts Shiva and Sati. Sati visualization test and water was found in Yagya Kunda. After stalled Prajapati’s curse on Sati, he was left undamaged even after being damaged and was destroyed.

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