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Mangala Gauri Vrat 2023 - Know Puja Vidhi & Religious Belief

In the month of Sawan, just as Monday is considered to be very good and special worship of Lord Shiva is done on that day, in the same way, Tuesday of Shravan month is also very special. We all know that Shiva is incomplete without Mata Parvati.

All Tuesday of Shravan month is dedicated to Mata Parvati and Mangala Gauri is observed on this day. This fast is done by the Suhagin women for the happiness and good fortune. Mata Parvati wishes unbroken good luck and child happiness.


Keep these things in mind for Mangla Gauri fast

On Tuesday, women who want to keep Mangala Gauri fast should wake up before sunrise. After bathing, wear clean clothes. Put a clean red cloth and install a picture or idol of Mata Gauri on it and vow to fast. After this, light a lamp in front of them. Then start the puja after Mata Parvati’s conspiracy.

At the time of worship, offer all the ingredients of vermilion along with vermilion to the mother. You should keep in mind that the number of materials to be offered to them should be 16. After worshiping, definitely read the Aarti of Parvati Mata. Married women who observe this fast can have a satvik meal once a day.

Benefits of Mangla Gauri fast

Married women observe this fast for the happiness of their married life. She also asks Goddess Parvati to bless her husband with longevity and good health. Many virgin girls also observe this fast so that any kind of hindrance in their marriage can be removed.

Mangla Gauri fast story

According to the prevalent Mangala Gauri fast story, a businessman was living happily and peacefully with his wife in a city. The couple had no shortage of wealth but they were deprived of child happiness. For this reason, despite having wealth and pleasures, both husband and wife were not happy.

After many fasts and poojas, he received the son Ratna, but the astrologers told that his child is young. His son will die at the age of 17. The husband and wife were very unhappy with this and accepted it as their fate. After some time he married his son to a beautiful and sanskari girl.

That girl always fasted Mangala Gauri and worshiped mother Parvati. The death of the merchant’s son was postponed due to the effect of Mangala Gauri fast. The girl was blessed with unbroken good luck from that fast.

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