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Phulera Dooj 2023 - Know Importance, Puja Vidhi & Story

This festival brings the message of the arrival of Holi. This day dedicated to Lord Krishna is also considered to be of great importance in the matter of marriage. Holi of flowers is not only played on Phulera Dooj, but many wedding programs are also completed on this day.

Holi of flowers is played with Shri Krishna

The date of Phulera Dooj falls before the festival of Holi. On this day, devotees along with Kanha and Radha Rani play the Holi of flowers. Colors are also used along with it. This festival brings positivity and happiness in the lives of people.

Abuja Muhurta is made on the day of Phulera Dooj

Phulera Dooj is considered one of the most important and auspicious days of the year. Actually, this day is not affected by any kind of harmful effects and defects, hence it is considered as Abuja Muhurta. Marriage is generally considered great karma in Hinduism.

The auspicious time and date are kept in mind for every work related to marriage. This day is also considered very suitable for performing auspicious work like marriage. After winter, it is considered to be the last day of the wedding season, hence record-breaking weddings take place on this day.

Auspicious day for other mangal works

Phulera Dooj is a very auspicious day for other ceremonial functions apart from rituals like marriage. On this day people fulfill many manglic tasks. This day is considered auspicious for doing work related to household and property. Not only this, but many people also start their new business with the auspicious date of Phulera Dooj so that they can get prosperity.

The religious importance of Phulera Dooj

According to religious beliefs, Lord Krishna and Radhaji are worshiped together on the day of Phulera Dooj. If all the rituals are worshiped, then all wishes are fulfilled. It is also believed that Lord Krishna started the tradition of playing Holi from this day itself. The festival of Holi is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Mathura, Vrindavan. Holi of flowers is played on this day. Getting married on Phulera dooj is considered auspicious.

Phulera Dooj Puja Vidhi

  • First of all, wake up in the morning and take a bath.
  • Dress-up completely and wear colorful clothes.
  • Wear yellow clothes if you want to worship for married life.
  • If you want to worship for love, then wear pink clothes.
  • Make a Rangoli of Abir or Gulal.
  • Decorate Radha Krishna with flowers in a very beautiful way.
  • Offer Abir and Gulal to Radha Krishna.
  • Offer white sweets Panchamrit and Mishri, because Krishna Ji is offered sweet dish on this day, perform the aarti.
  • God and distribute it to the devotees after making offerings to the Lord.
  • After worshiping, take satvik food
  • Recite ‘Madhurashtak’ or ‘Radha Kripa Kataksha’, if it is difficult to recite, then you can chant ‘Radhekrishna’ only.
  • Donate items of makeup.

The festival of Phulera Dooj is a symbol of Lord Sri Krishna’s affection and love towards his devotees. Krishna devotees spend the whole day singing hymns and Lord Radhe Krishna asks for blessings to attain prosperity, happiness and a life full of happiness.

To make love relationships and married life good and if there is a lack of love in your horoscope, then Radha Krishna must be worshiped on the day of Phulera Dooj, by doing this, all the problems in your life will be overcome and Lord Shri Krishna With the grace of love and happiness will come.

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