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Karadaiyan Nombu 2024 - Know Significance & Rituals

The Karadaiyan fast is observed during the month of Masi and Panguni. The Karadaiyan fast is observed tomorrow to promote the health and longevity of the husband.

After the puja, the buffalo should be fed. Karadaiyan Fasting Generally It is said to be the galley fast, the Savitri fast, the Kamatchi fast. Savitri is called fasting. It is said that fasting increases the life span of the husband.

How to fast?

  • This festival, married women who are fasting change their wedding dress, ie talikai, and wear something new.
  • Unmarried women are worshiped as having a good husband.
  • Women who observe this fast should fast until the end of the puja.
  • Those who cannot can eat fruit. Bathe early in the morning, clean the house, decorate the prayer room and build a mango leaf posture on the doorstep.
  • In the prayer room, pictures or idols of Goddess Kamatchi should be decorated with flower garlands.
  • It is said that the cow should come back the next day with a little bit of the udder made on the day of fasting.
  • That is why milk and yoghurt should not be eaten during fasting.
  • It is said that if there is this fast, the husband of the fasting woman will improve his life and health.

Savitri, who excelled in learning, is believed to have recovered from Eman when her husband Satyavan’s life was taken away by Emdarma Rajan at the end of her life.

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