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Narada Jayanti 2023 - Significance and Historical belief

The word ‘Nar’ as mentioned in the scriptures means water. All of them are known as Narada because they are proficient in donating, donating and offering tarpan. A sage named Narada is also mentioned many times in the Atharvaveda. Narada is revered as Acharya in the famous Maitrayani Samhita. Narada is also described at some places as a disciple of Jupiter.

Devarshi Narada, who is considered a symbol of unending devotion and the psyche son of Brahma, recounts in detail in the Puranas. The common man considers Narada to be a bickering and discord, but this image of him is completely untrue as the main purpose of Narada is to bring the call of every devotee to God.

Significance of Narada Jayanti

Narada is considered among the greatest devotees of Vishnu and has the blessing of being immortal. However, before attaining this state, Narada is also reported to have had many births. With the grace of Lord Vishnu, these can appear anywhere in all the ages and all the three worlds.

Naradji is also mentioned with the Sunkadic sages. He is also known in the story of Lord Satyanarayana. Narada is considered expert in many arts. They are considered Vedantapriyas, Yoganthis, music scribes, medicine experts, teachers of scriptures and heads of devotional rasa. These Bhagwatas are pioneers who lead the way and ‘Pancharatra’ is the main text composed by them. By the way, the famous Narada Purana with 25 thousand shlokas has also been composed by them.

In the Puranas, he has been considered as the best devotee in singing the virtues of God and the tralokya devotee who reaches out to God by the oppressive demons. Many scriptures also consider him to be an avatar of Vishnu and thus Naradji is Trikaldarshi.


According to the Brahmavaivartpurana

They originated from Brahma’s throat and it is believed that they learned music from Brahma. It is said that Naradaji taught Daksha Prajapati’s 10 thousand sons to retire from the world, while Brahma wanted to chase them on the path of creation. Brahma cursed them again. By this curse, Gandharvas were born in the vagina on the mountain of Narada Gandhamadan. In this vagina, Narada’s name was Upbaharna.

According to another legend, Daksha became enraged when he dissuaded the world by teaching yoga to the Dakshuputras and he destroyed Narada. Then on Brahma’s insistence, Daksha said that I am giving you a girl, Narada will be born again when she is married to Kashyapa.

Historical Belief

It is said that Lord Vishnu explained various forms of Maya to Narada. Once during the journey, Narada attained femininity by bathing in a lake. As a female, Narada was the wife of King Talajangha for 12 years. Then by the grace of Lord Vishnu, he again got a chance to bathe in the lake and he returned to the form of Narada.

It was Daksha who cursed them to roam in all the worlds. It is also believed that Naradji was a Gandharva named Upabarna in the pre-Kalpana and being beautiful he was always surrounded by beautiful women. Therefore Brahma cursed them to be born in the Shudra vagina.

Story of Narada’s ego Mardan

The story of Narada’s ego Mardan is also very famous and has been told in many ways. Naradji has an ego that he has conquered Kama. God once built a city with his illusion, in which a beautiful Rajakanya swayamvar was going on. This story is given by Tulsidasji in the balcony of Shri Ramcharit Manas. Naradji would go to God and ask for his beautiful face so that the princess would like him. But for the good of his devotee, God gave Narada the monkey’s mouth.

In Swayamvara, Rajakanya (Lakshmi herself) got God. When Naradji saw his mouth burning in water, his anger erupted. Naradji cursed Lord Vishnu that he too would have to bear the brunt of his wife and the monkey would help him.

In the Narada Purana, he presents the glory of Vishnu devotion as well as the epistemology of many subjects such as salvation, religion, music, Brahman wisdom, atonement etc. ‘Narada Samhita’ is an excellent piece of music. The Badrinath shrine has Naradkund on the banks of the Alaknanda River, in which a bath leads one to a pure life and takes salvation after dying according to beliefs.

Narada is a mythological character who is perfect in philosophy. According to the Bhagavata, Narada is an enlightened being, the vetter of gross mysteries, Vayavat is a wanderer inside everyone and a self-witness.

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