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Attukal Pongala 2024 - Know Importance & Mythological belief

Why Atukal Pongal is celebrated?

Atukal Pongal is a festival of Kerala in Trivandrum in much the same fanfare as well observed is that. Kerala in this festival so the religious temples in so many devotees of presence in observed is that. Especially as the Atukal Pongal of the Feast Atukal Bhagwati temple in Pongala festival of as in Observed is that.

When Atukal Pongal is celebrated?

February and March the month of during this Kerala in every year held has made it and it really is fun and excitement of well-observed is that.

Importance of Atukal Pongal

  • Atukal Pongal the festival’s organizing Atukal Bhagwati temple in the leads is.
  • The Feast of the very same sacred ritual believed to have.
  • Atukal Pongal is the festival a ten-day festival that is.
  • This festival Mlaram Kunbm the Malayalam month of the beginning would have to Kurutithrpnm the sacrifice of with its closing is expected to.
  • Atukal Pongal is a festival especially as the women ‘s for very important to have.
  • The day all women rice porridge of jaggery and coconut as well cooked the goddess of offering the form of pay that is.

Mythical beliefs of the Atukal Pongal

  • Atukal Pongal festival, of course, all women good clothes to wear to and Atukal Bhagwati temple for worship to go to.
  • This festival 9 days to celebrate is that. These nine days in religious songs and other festivities also celebrated pets are.
  • The celebration of the chief priest of the goddess of the sword takes is and holy water sprinkling and flowers of summer by women to bless gives
  • Atukal Bhagwati the temple today from many years ago there to stay with a local family who built was.
  • assumptions of the goddess of the family’s dream to see them used and this temple to the said was.
  • goddess of desire to assume all of the family by the temple’s construction has had.
  • It is also considered to have that this temple of God Knnki the menu were.
  • Legends of said city to stay with women who, Knnki of publicity to the to Atukal Pongal of the Feast of the beginning of this month.
  • In the end, all people in Devi ‘s offerings deliver the expected is.


Atukalkal Pongal is a ten-day festival celebrated in Atukalkal Temple, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. On this day Atukalkal Dev is worshiped and on this day millions of devotees gather in the temples. And this festival is celebrated with joy. It is celebrated every year by women in the Atukal Bhagwati temple in Kerala.

Atukalkal Pongal starts every year on the Kartigai star of Makram or Kumbham of the Malayalam month and is known as Kurutithapadanam at night. If we are going to provide you with information related to this festival, then let us know.

Know the Muhurta of Atukal Pongal

Atukal Pongal is offering the world’s largest sweet girl festive considered women to ritual the day are gathered in large numbers are filled with the day The streets faithful women this day Atukal Devi pottery this day The women cook food made of rice in an earthen pot and offer it to the mother.

This festival is celebrated in the Atukalkal Bhagwati temple. The main goddess here is Kannaki, also known as Bhadrakali. One name of Bhadrakali and Kanni Devi is also Devi Atukalamma. It is believed that she is present in the Atukalkal temple on this ten-day festival.


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