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Masi Magam 2023 - Know Significance & History

The biggest month of the month is February. Anything we do in the month of February will give double benefits. Although the ‘Magam’ star comes every month, the Magam star that comes in the month of February is the highlight. Myths say that there is no rebirth if one fast on that day.

Women’s fasting day

The month of Masi is considered to be the holiest day as Datsan’s daughter Datsayani appeared in the month of Masi under the Maga star. It is also celebrated as a day of fasting for women. The day on which the earth in the underworld was incarnated as Perumal was revealed and the day was great.

Significance of Masi Magam

On the day of Masi Magam, if we pray for the bestowal or material possession we can, good things in life will come to us. The confusion and fear in the mind will disappear. The astonished people say that the faint things will happen today.

During the month of Masi, the rituals and worships we perform will give us a lot of strength. Performing many virtues in life. Uplifting the family. February is a great month. An ideal month to learn the arts and education. The Acharyas say that the worship of Shiva, the worship of Perumal, the worship of Goddess, especially the worship of Mahalakshmi, etc. that we do in the month of Masi will bring innumerable benefits.

In the month of Masi, we celebrate Magam Star Good Morning as Masi Magam. On this day, holy bathing is special. If you bathe in the holy rivers and water bodies like the Ganges and the Cauvery and offer heartfelt prayers to the Lord, the pre-genma reactions will be resolved. Shastra says that all the obstacles that have existed so far will be removed.

Kumbakonam is also reminiscent of the Mahamaka Pond. You have to make a vow before bathing in this pool. Before we start anything, Sankalpam is to start with the day, week, star, yoga, karanam, etc., chanting the appropriate mantras and submitting the relevant request to the respective god for the purpose for which the puja is performed.

Before bathing in the Mahamaka pool, one has to take a vow in the Cauvery. Then the famine should be consumed. It is special to take a dip in each theertham in the Mahamaka pool.

Not Kumbakonam. Shastra says that wherever we are in the world, we can use the water we use for bathing in the Ganges, the Cauvery, and the holy river. Importantly, on Masi Maga Nannal, the donation is very special.
Generally, it is necessary to donate during the holy seasons.

Gives innumerable benefits. In ancient times it was customary for kings to make donations to the common people in society, to the educated, and to the learned. Acharyas say that donations are one of the most important duties in our lives when we go to holy places, bathe in holy rivers, and remember our ancestors.

” Historical records say that cows, earth or grains, ornaments, food, etc. were donated at that time. According to the notes, the young man drilled a hole in the tile or pumpkin and filled it with navaratnas. Today, we can donate useful items according to our qualifications.

On Masi Maga Nannal, you can give Puttada to anyone. A food package can be provided for up to ten people. Worshiping and blessing the elders will bring prosperity in the family.

Special Kumbakonam Masjid

In order to create the world, they put all the objects of the world in one Aquarius. As it floated in the water, the Lord of the Aquarius swooped down, breaking its nose, that is, the angular part in front of it. The place came to be known as ‘Kumbakonam’.

People from all over the country come to Kumbakonam to bathe in the Mahamaka pool in Kumbakonam on the day of the month. Myths say that those born in Kashi will go to Kumbakonam and those born in Kumbakonam will go swimming in the Mahamaka pool.

It is said that on the day of the lunar month, people from all over the world come to bathe in the pool, and the rivers Ganges, Yamuna, Saraswati, Narmada, Indus, Cauvery, Godavari, Sarayu, and Porunai come here as virgins to wash away their sins.

History of the formation of Masi Magam

Optimal day for Maga star Perumal. Tirthwari festivals are usually held in water bodies. The reason for this is Pundarika Maharishi. Pundarika Maharishi, eager to place the lotus flower at the feet of Perumal, who has a school in Tirupati, left the flower on the beach of Mamalla and tried to make way for the Milky Way. For that, he was constantly chopping seawater.

Seeing his talara effort and unrelenting devotion, Thirumal came to the sage in the guise of an old man and I was hungry and tired. Come into town and buy food. Until then I sent myself seawater for you. The sea was receding when the sage bought the food and saw it. We see the old man. Then a voice was heard.

To see the sage, Thirumal placed the flower at his feet and showed it to Rishi with the school on the ground. It is a great blessing to bathe in this majestic sea of Arthasethu, which was filled with water by Sriman Narayanan with his hand.

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