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Matangi Mahavidya 2024 - Appearance, Juthan Bhog, Puja Vidhi & Story

Matang is the name of Shiva. Their power is Matangi. This is completely the fulfillment of Vagdevi. His four arms are four Vedas. Such a person who accomplishes Mathangi Mahavidya is able to subdue the world by his sportsmanship or art music.

This Mahavidya is also effective in captivating. According to the Hindu religion, Matangi is one such goddess who is used to the worship of Juthan. Matangi Devi is an indicator of equality.

Matangi Devi is the goddess of nature. Kala is the goddess of music. She is the goddess of Tantra. She is the goddess of promise. She is the only goddess for whom a fast is not observed. It is satisfied only by mind and words. Matangi Devi is empowered to cut any kind of enchantment and magic. The form of Goddess Matangi is auspicious. Animals, birds, forests, etc. have their habitat in natural elements.

Matangi is ninth among the ten Mahavidyas. Matangi Devi is the form of Shri Lakshmi. Mother Siddhidatri is the ninth place in Navratri, where the ninth place of Gupta Navratri is held by Goddess Matangi.

Matangi Devi’s Appearance

Goddess Matangi is of dark blue or black color. She holds a half moon on the head. Goddess Matangi has 4 hands and three eyes. The mother is enthralled in the lotus posture. Red wears a garland of jewels and a necklace around the neck. Mother’s weapons are khang, khetak loop and ankush. Parrots are accompanied all the time, which are the symbol of speech and speech.

Matangi offered Juthan Bhog

The special thing about them is that Mathangi is offered Juthan Bhog. It is said that when the goddess Parvati was offered her worship by the Chandal women, then all the gods and lords of Shiva started opposing it. But Mata Parvati, seeing the reverence of Chandalia, took the form of Mathangi and accepted the rituals offered by her. From then on, the practice of offering mother’s shoes was started.

Matangi Mahavidya Pujan Vidhi

  • Matangi Jayanti is celebrated on third day of Shukla Paksha of Vaisakh month.
  • According to the Gregorian calendar, this day falls in the month of May or April.
  • On this day, worshipers of the mother worship Matangi and provide food to the girl. Kirtan, Jagran is organized in the temples.
  • First light the sunshine, the island in front of the statue of Mathangi.
  • Offer a garland, flowers, coconut to the Goddess.
  • Offer prasad dish etc. and offer bhog to the mother.
  • Then pray to Matangi Mata and chant 1, 11, 21 garlands according to the strength of her mantra.
  • Finally perform the Aarti of Goddess.
  • After the puja is over, distribute prasadam to the family and invited members.
  • If you have invited the girl for food, then get food done.

Matangi Devi Katha

Once, Lord Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi went to Mount Kailash, their abode to meet Lord Shiva and Parvati. Lord Vishnu also took some food items with him and offered Shiva ji.

Lord Shiva and Parvati accepted the offering but some portion fell on the earth. From those parts of the fallen food, a black-colored maid was born, who became famous by the name of Matangi. It is also said that she was named Matangi because she was born as the daughter of Muni Mathang. He was first worshiped by Lord Vishnu. She is also considered to be the primordial power of Vishnu.

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