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Bagalamukhi Mahavidya 2023 - Mantra Chanting, Benefits & Story

Bagalamukhi is ranked eighth in the Mahavidya. Shri Baglamukhi is also known as Brahmastra. There is no Mantra like Baglamukhi in suffering in a physical or parochial country or society, suppression of aristocrats, and suppression of enemies.

Since time immemorial, seekers have been taking shelter of these Mahadevi. According to the Kathak Samhita of the Yajurveda, Bagalamukhi is the beautiful form of Dharani and the God of the world, illuminating ten directions.

Baglamukhi worship

Brahmaji first worshiped Vagala Mahavidya. The second worshiper of Bagalamukhi was Lord Vishnu and the third worshiper Parashurama. Parshuram later taught this knowledge to Acharya Drona. Sanakkumar preached it to the Devarshi Naradakas and to the Paramhans named Narada.

Pandavas also worshiped Baglamukhi before the war

It is mentioned in the mythology that on the inspiration of Shri Krishna in the war of Mahabharata, Arjuna went to many places and practiced power. In which he also worshiped Harsiddha Mata in Ujjain and Baglamukhi Mata in Nalkheda. There he had the boon of victorious victory in battle.

Mother Baglamukhi Sadhana

The five mantras of Mata Bagalamukhi are Badwamukhi, Jatvedamukhi, Ulkamukhi, Volcano and Brihadnamukhi. In Kundikatantra, special light has been thrown on the chanting of Vagalamukhi. Even in the Mund Malatantra, it has been said that there is no need for Nakshatrade thoughts and Kalashodhan for their Siddhi.

A person who worships this power can inflict arbitrary suffering on his enemy and can also alleviate the miseries inflicted on him.

Bagalamukhi Mahavidya Puja Vidhi

For the practice of Baglamukhi, one should choose a clean room in the house, temple, or any other place in solitude. The seeker should wear yellow clothes. The posture should also be yellow.

Thereafter, you can chant any one of the following mantras from eight garlands with a garland of turmeric. Deep-donate the goddess on a pile of yellow turmeric, by offering yellow cloth on the idol of the goddess, even the biggest obstacle is destroyed, Baglamukhi Devi Sorrow is destroyed by the mantras.

The benefit of Mantra Chanting

Bagalamukhi lore can be used for the attainment of both enjoyment and salvation. Every rare item can be obtained from their worship. But especially to achieve victory in Erection, Enemy Mitigation, War, Debate, Trial, Competition, Baglamukhi is unfailing. A person who worships this power can inflict arbitrary suffering on his enemy and can also alleviate the miseries inflicted on him.

Major temples of Goddess Bagalamukhi

Following are the three major Shaktipeeth temples of Maa Baglamukhi in India

  • Pitambara Peeth, Datia (Madhya Pradesh),
  • Kangra (Himachal)
  • Nalkheda District Shajapur (Madhya Pradesh)

Bagalamukhi Mahavidya Story

The story of the emergence of Bhagwati Bagalamukhi is as follows – Once in Satyayuga, a terrible storm came to destroy the whole world. Lord Vishnu became anxious after imagining its intensity and the losses it caused.
Not thinking of any other solution in this matter, he started doing penance near Haridra Sarovar in the province of Saurashtra to please Bhagwati.

Shri Vidya appeared in the form of Vagla Mukhi from that lake and appeared immediately to destroy the devastating storm. He is born in the midnight of Chaturdashi containing Mangalwar.

The manifestation of the Goddess is related to Lord Vishnu. As a result, the Goddess Sattva is virtuous and belongs to the Vaishnava sect. But, in some other circumstances, Goddess Tamsi is also related to Guna.

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