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Dhumavati Mahavidya 2024 - Benefits, spiritual practice & Importance

Unmatched for enemy destruction and wealth. Dhumavati is the seventh of the ten Mahavidyas. Their form is formidable. Older, Krishakayya, Vakradanta, and widow. Rides on a chariot with disheveled hair. The crow is also seated on the chariot. Their main weapons are pestle and soup. Jyeshtha Lakshmi is also known as Lakshmi’s elder sister.

Effective in Lakshmi attainment and spiritual practice

If they are worshiped in the temple or uninhabited, then it is good. Their use is effective in enemy suppression. Lakshmi is also useful in attainment. If surrounded in misfortune. There has been a constant problem with money. In both of them, do their spiritual practice.

It is also useful in curing diseases and ghosts. Happiness, peace, and prosperity come to the worshiper’s home. Take care during cultivation against the enemy. In your mind, there should be a sense of incorporating the wealth and wealth of the enemy into the soup. Feel the attack on him with a pestle.

Superior to spiritual power

Mahavidyas are capable of giving everything. Yet everyone has different motives. Keep this in mind at the time of meditation. Dhumavati Darun is a scholar. They are also useful in money and hostility. But are superior to spiritual power. There is a non-worldly sense in his form. They lift it from the shackles and lift it up. Therefore, this path is better for seekers.

Mother Dhumwati: The goddess of death

Similarly, among the ten mahaavidyas arising from the primordial superpower, the seventh superpower is Maa Dhumavati. Maa Dhumwati symbolizes virupata, kurupata, disinterest, obsolescence, disreputability, old age, legalism and poverty.

The mother Dhoomvati appears as avoid just before the creation of the universe and immediately after the Holocaust. Maa Dhumavati is believed to be associated with the Vedic goddess Nrithi, who is the goddess of death and decay. In many beliefs, she has also been associated with alakshmi or poverty.

Mother Dhumwati is associated with the Matsya avatar of Vishnu

According to the Guhyatighuya Purana, she has also been associated with Matsya Avatar, the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to the beliefs of this Purana, Mastami avatar is born from Dhoomvati.

How is the mother Chinnamasta related to the Narasimha avatar of Vishnu?

Just as the story of the birth of Lord Vishnu from the mother Tripura Sundari comes in his Sahasranama, in the same way, there is also the recognition of the birth of Lord Narasimha, another incarnation of Lord Vishnu from the mother Chinnamasta. Guhyati Guhya Purana talks about the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu originating from the ten Hamavidyas.

Mother Dhumati is the smoke of Mother Sati’s Yogagni

According to Shakti Samagam Tantra, mother Dhumavati is born of mother Sati. According to the legend, when mother Sati devours herself in yagyagni in the yajna of her father Daksha, fumigation comes out of her burnt body in the form of smoke.

Mother Dhumwati became widowed after eating Lord Shiva

According to Pranatoshini Tantra, mother Dhumavati is shown as a widow, according to this tantric book, once Mother Sati was hungry, she asked Mahadev for food. When Lord Mahadev was not given food, he ate only Lord Shiva. When he repented after eating Lord Shiva, he again took Lord Shiva out of his mouth. Being without Lord Shiva she became a widow, Lord Shiva cursed her.

Due to legitimacy and impoverishment, mother Dhumavati has always been shown with hair scattered in old shabby clothes. In the cremation of Maa Dhumavati, Virajit is shown. Sometimes she is shown riding a chariot without horse, which means the uncertain journey of life. Sometimes she is shown riding on a crowded chariot.

The mother also gives the child

In spite of all this inauspiciousness, the mother is shown in the Dhoomvati Var posture. She is also worshiped as the Goddess who gives birth. She is the mother who gives all kinds of siddhis. She is the superpower to solve all the problems of human life and provide salvation to her.

The Story of the Goddess

The first story is that when Sati voluntarily incinerated herself in the sacrificial fire of the father, the smoke emanating from her burning body was born of fumigation. That is why she is always depressed. That is, fumigation is the physical form of Sati in the form of smoke. Whatever is left of Sati – sad smoke.

The second story is that Sati was once wandering in the Himalayas with Shiva. Only then did he get very hungry. He said to Shiva- “I am hungry. Arrange food for me. ” Shiva said- “There cannot be any arrangement right now.” Then Sati said- “Okay, I eat you only. “And she swallowed only Shiva. Shiva, who is the creator of this world, is a parikala.
Then Shiva requested him to ‘get me out’, then he sprang and threw him out. Shiva cursed them that they would be widowed from now on.

Since then, he is a widow – cursed and abandoned. It is symbolic to feel hungry and swallow her husband. It is a symbol of human desires, which never ends and hence he is always dissatisfied. Mother Dhoomvati points to the devouring or destroying of those desires.

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