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Chhinnamasta Mahavidya 2023 - Significance, Benefits & Rituals

Worshiping Mother Chinnamastika brings material splendor, victory in debates, victory over enemies, hypnotic power as well as supernatural wealth. This change is the suzerainty of piety, and its power is small. His head is chopped off and three streams of blood are flowing from his leg.

He has three eyes and is seated on Madan and Rati. There is a garland of bones in the neck of the goddess and a yajnopavit on the shoulder. Therefore, when worshiping them in a calm manner, they reveal their calm nature. On worshiping in a fierce form, it appears in a fierce form, which causes the fear of the seeker to be elevated.

Mother’s nature is very secretive. In the fourth evening, the seeker attains the perfection of Saraswati by worshiping the mother Chinnamasta. Goddesses of Krishna and blood qualities are their companions. Chhinmasta Mahavidya is attested by Pallas and Belpatras.

The knowledge obtained from this increases the wisdom of writing. The body becomes disease free. All direct and indirect enemies are defeated. If a seeker becomes well-versed in yoga, meditation and meditation, he becomes famous.

Chhinnamasta Mahavidya Significance

The nature of Bhagwati Chhinmasta is very secretive. Only an officer seeker can know this. He occupies third place in Mahavidya. The spiritual nature of the mother is very important. This goddess white lotus symbolizing Chhin Yajna Shisha stands on the back.

His clothing is the direction. His vagina has a vaginal cycle. Krishna (tam) and blood (raja) are his companions. It is also alive by cutting its head. This in itself is a sign of complete introvert cultivation. Scholars have considered the direction of the climax of Siddhi in this story.

There are three methods mentioned in the Yogasastra, after which the yogi attains complete attainment. They have been called Brahma granthi, Vishnu granthi and Rudra gland. The place of Brahmagranthi in Muladhara, Vishnugranthi in Manipur and Shiva in the obedient place.

Aditananda is attained only by penetrating these glands. The yogis experience that kenadia is the root of kama and rati under Manipur. At the same time, there is the power of the sixth power, it is only when it is flowing high that the Rudra gland penetrates.

Chinnamasta Devi is extremely kind to her devotees, in order to pacify the companionship, the goddess had cut her head. When worshiping the Goddess in a calm manner, the Goddess assumes a fierce form when she is worshiped in a calm form and in a fiery form. If the Goddess is worshiped with a sincere heart, then the Goddess definitely completes all desires.

Chinnamasta Jayanti is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi of Chinnamasta Jayanti Baisakh month. On this day, the court of Goddess is decorated with grandeur and a langar is organized.

Chhinnamasta Mahavidya Rituals

Worshiping the Goddess by observing a fast on the day of Chinnamasta Jayanti fulfills all wishes. First of all, in the Brahma Muhurta, after retiring from Khranadi, offer a garland of red flowers to the goddess, offer fruits as a dessert. If possible, recite Durga Saptashati or Goddess Stuti.

Maa Chinnamasta Temple

The Siddha Peeth of Chinnamasta Devi is located in Jharkhand. This temple is considered to be the second-largest Shaktipeeth in the world after Kamakhya and Kali Chaat in Assam. This temple situated at the confluence of Bheravi-Bheda and Damodar river of Rajarappa is the faith of millions of people. Is associated with It is not only the temple of Maa Chinnamasta, but there are seven temples including Shiva Temple, Sun Temple and Bajrang Bali.


The story related to the origin of the Goddess

According to mythology – once Bhagwati Bhavani went to bathe in the Mandakini river with her companions Jaya and Vijaya, but she became Krishnavarna after suffering from Shraudhagni. At that time, his colleagues asked Bhagwati to have some food.

Devi asked him to wait for some time. After waiting for a while, the companions requested food again. Then the goddess asked him to wait a little longer. On this, Sahakariona said in a polite voice to the Goddess – “Ma offers food to her infant without any hunger. Why are you ignoring us? ”

Hearing the sweet words of her companions, Kripamayi Devi cut off her head from her pillar. The severed head fell into the left hand of the goddess and three streams flowed from her kebab. The two streams flowed to and from both of their companions, so both of them started to get happy and the goddess of one stream started drinking. Since then, the goddess became famous as Chhilmasta.

There is a law that worshiping the Goddess in the midnight or the fourth evening proves that Saraswati is worshiped by enemy victory, group stanza, attainment of state and rare attainments.

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