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Bhairavi Mahavidya 2023 - Significance, Benefits & Puja Vidhi

In the pure Sanatana Dharma, out of the ten Mahavidya forms which originated from Adya Shakti, the fifth Mahavidya is Maa Bhairavi or Mother Tripura Bhairavi. Mahavidya means the powers that lead from Maya or Avidya or ignorance to salvation.

Mother Bhairavi is a form of fear. But she is a mother figure to her devotees and children. Maa Bhairavi is also called Tripura Bhairavi because she transports us from Tripura, the three positions inside our body, awakening, dreaming and sleep. Mother Tripura Bhairavi is shown seated on Lord Shiva.

Tripura Bhairavi is the presiding deity of Muladhar Chakra

Mother Bhairavi has been called the presiding goddess of Muladhara Chakra, the basis of Kundalini Shakti. By awakening the Muladhar Chakra, she leads us to knowledge from the worldly illusion of Maya. Maa Bhairavi is considered to be a destructive power.

However, there are many superpowers in the ten Mahavidyas who act as destroyers. Like mother chinnamasta is a sudden destructive power. Mother Kali is the supreme exterminator power of the universe.

Tripur Bhairavi removes ignorance

But Maa Bhairavi is the destructive power of our life who keeps on working every day. Mother Bhairavi destroys the cells of our body slowly so that new cells can be formed. They reduce our powers of creation. Leads us to old age.

Destroys our ignorance. Their destructive actions go on continuously. In this sense, they are a superpower of constant variability which is inevitable. Mother Bhairavi is a superpower that takes our body from birth to death.

Maa Tripur Bhairavi Sadhana Puja Vidhi

  • After bathing the seeker, wearing a pure red cloth, sit in a red woolen posture, facing the east direction in a secluded place or puja room in your house!
  • After that, place a garland in front of it and place a red cloth on it and install Lord Shiva Yantra on it.
  • Then make a triangle with a roll by placing a plate and install the “Tripura Bhairavi Yantra” with perfect life on top of that triangle! After that, lit a lamp of pure ghee in front of the yantra and worship the device, and make a resolution etc. according to the mantra legislation, take water in your hand and mantra padhe.

Religious Significance

Goddess Tripurbhirati is closely associated with ‘Kaal Bhairava’, who punishes a man according to his misdeeds in both living and dead stages, is of a very terrible nature and fierce nature. Kaal Bhairava is such an incarnation of Lord Shiva himself, who is closely related to destruction and is very close to Yama Raj. The soul is punished for its misdeeds by Yama-raj or Dharma-raj. Tripurabhiravi, Kaal Bhairava and Yama Raj are of terrible nature, seeing all of them turn away from fear.

Destruction and punishment as a result of the misdeeds are the governing power of the deities with these terrible forms. Devi, Kalratri, Maha-Kali, Chamunda etc. are considered like goddesses associated with perishable qualities.
The word Bhairavi is made up of three letters, the first being ‘bhe or bharana’ which means ‘rakshan’, the second ‘ra or ramana’ is composed and ‘v or vamana’ relates to liberation.

The Goddess is naturally related to the abject destructive trend. Goddess Tamasi is virtuous; This quality is also propounded on human nature, such as destructive qualities like anger, jealousy, selfishness and alcohol consumption, smoking, etc., which lead a man to destruction. Devi, related to these destructive elements and nature, has the same qualities as Goddess Kaal-Ratra or Maha-Kali.

Goddess Bhairavi, that the physical radiance is like thousands of rising suns and sometimes the physical character of the goddess looks like dark black color, like Kali or Kaal Night. In the naked state, the Goddess is armed with three open eyes and a half-moon on the forehead and is adorned with a rosary made of Rudraksh, snakes and human skulls. The goddess has long black wavy hair, the goddess with four arms holds a Kharag in her right hand and a khapar made of human skull and shows the Abhaya and Vara mudra with her left hand.

Appearance is Horror

The goddess in her natural form appears to be extremely fierce, fierce horror, the goddess wears a necklace of recently cut asuras or a garland of masts around her neck from which the torrent of blood is flowing. The mouth of the Goddess is scary and frightening, like ghosts and ghosts, the Goddess is from the dead body or corpse.

Goddess is the power through which the dead body merges into its own elements, be it cremation or normal process. The cremation is done to merge the corpse into the fifth element from the normal process.

According to Durga Saptashati

Goddess Tripurbhairavi is related to the slaying period of a demon named Mahishasura. The goddess wears red clothes and a mundamamala around her neck and carries blood sandalwood across her body and breasts. The goddess holds a chanting garland and a book in her right hand, shows the groom and Abhaya Mudra with her left hand and sits on a lotus seat.

These forms are on the goddess having a gentle nature; It was Bhagwati Tripurbhairavi who killed a demon named Mahishasura by drinking exquisite honey in the form of Durga with eighteen arms.Goddess, that is related to spiritual practice

Work is done in The Goddess, by freeing lust, greed, anger, jealousy, intoxication and confusion from human nature or routine, helps in success in yoga practice. Human beings can reach the highest level of yoga practice only by removing all types of disorders or defects. For the awakening of Kundalini Shakti, destruction of all types of human defects or Ashta loop is necessary and this power is attained only by Goddess Tripurbhairavi.

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