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Kamala Mahavidya 2023 - Importance, Puja Vidhi & Donation

Poverty, distress, homelessness and unrest are overcome. Due to their service and devotion, a person lives a peaceful life by remaining full of happiness and prosperity. Four elephants of white color are taking a gold urn in the trunk and giving a bath to the mother with a radius like Suvarna.

A mother holding a lotus flower adorned with lotus beautifies. They are worshiped for prosperity, wealth, women and sons-in-law. The practice of this Mahavidya is done by drowning in the river or the water falling in the sea. By worshiping it, a person is rich and knowledgeable like Sakshat Kubera. The fame and trade or dominance of the person is propagated throughout the world.

The tenth place out of the ten important disciplines is that of the goddess Kamala. The first form of Goddess Kamala Maa Shakti is also known as Adi Shakti. Goddess Kamala is the goddess of fortune, honor, purity and benevolence. Goddess Kamala is the energy present in all divine activities.

This is the divine power of Lord Vishnu. Worshiping them increases the skill development and quality. By worshiping them, you get the same virtue, which is found by worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, it gives wealth and opulence. It protects the pregnant woman’s womb. Nourishes her.

Kamala Mahavidya Importance

On the day of Kamala Mahavidya Jayanti, it is believed that on this day, one of the 10 Mahavidya, Goddess Kamala, descended on the earth. On diwali it is celebrated. It is said that Mahavidya Kamala is Srihari Vishnu’s companion, his greatest strength.

The form of Goddess Kamala is the same as that of Goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of fame, fortune, wealth. They are worshiped to get wealth, prosperity, as well as they are worshiped for fertility and good development of children. Goddess Kamala Devi is the goddess of fortune, honor, purity and philanthropy.

On this day all the ten powers of Mother are worshiped, on this day Tantric worship is important. On this day, the girl’s feast is made, in which the young girls, who are less than 10 years old, are fed and donated to them.

Kamala Mahavidya Puja Vidhi

  •  Guru Vandana
  •  Guru Pooja
  •  Cow worship
  •  Maa Kalma Devi Abhishek and complete worship, in which the entire makeup of the Goddess is done, Kumkum, Turmeric, Akshat, Sindoor etc. are offered.
  •  Flowers are offered
  •  Ganpati, Navagraha and Aavahana is worshiped.
  •  Home is performed
  •  Shri Kamala Mool Mantra, entire text, Maha Pujan Yagya
  •  Purnahuti

Donation and Prasad distribution

Donation has a lot of importance. On this day, devotees donate their valuables. This donation brings happiness to the house. Bhandare is organized on the occasion of Kamala Jayanti. On this day grains and clothes are donated.

On this day, the importance of donating to the poor and Brahmins has been told. Human beings donate this day to get rid of their sins for the liberation of their deeds. On the day of Kamala Jayanti, if a person donates to the poor, then all his sins are destroyed.

Kamla Devi Puja is started 15 days before the birth anniversary, seven mothers are worshiped according to the very law. Tantric worship has great importance in it. These days people with tantra lore do many kinds of worship and learn tantra lore.

Kamala Devi is the form of Mother Shakti, hence the importance of worshiping this Tantra Shakti has been told. This goddess is Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti is said to be the half-moon of Lord Shiva.

All the good and evil powers of the world are contained in Adi Shakti. Mother Kamala is the Adi Shakti form, so all the powers are worshiped on the day of Kamala Jayanti. On this day, worship, havan, bhandare and donation are of the highest importance.

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