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Yamuna Chhath 2023 - Know Puja Vidhi, Importance & Story

Chhath is celebrated twice a year in Hinduism. Yamuna Chhath is celebrated once on the second day of Chaitra Shukla Paksha in Kartik month. It is believed that Yamuna Jayanti is the birthday of the mother Yamuna. Therefore, on this day, devotees bathe in the Yamuna River and offer a variety of dishes.

Apart from this, devotees worship Lord Krishna on this day. Some devotees also observe a strict fast on Yamuna Chhath. Devotees worship Yamuna ji in the morning and evening and after fasting, the fast is broken after 24 hours the next day. Also, women prepare various sweets in the house and offer it to Goddess Yamuna and distribute it to all the relatives.

Yamuna Chhath Puja Vidhi

  •  One must bathe in Yamuna river on the day of Yamuna Chhath. Clean clothes should be worn after this.
  •  After this, offer flowers in Yamuna River and light a lamp in Yamuna River.
  •  After lighting the lamp, one should recite the mantras of mother Yamuna by sitting on the banks of river Yamuna.
  •  After this, read or listen to the story of Yamuna Chhath.
  •  Perform the aarti of mother Yamuna after reading the story.
  •  After offering the aarti, you must apologize to the mother Yamuna.
  •  After this, make sure to feed a cow and apply soil of his feet to your forehead.

Yamuna is Yamraj’s sister

According to Hindu mythological texts, Yamuna river is said to be the sister of Yamraj. Yami is also a name of Yamuna river. Surya is said to be the father of Yamraj and Yami. It is said that Yamuna river is also known as ‘Kali Ganga’ and ‘Asit’ and the reason behind this is that the water of Yamuna was earlier some clear, some blue and some dark. The reason behind the name Asit is that Asit was a sage who first discovered the river Yamuna and since then Yamuna came to be known as ‘Asit’.

Take special care of these things during Chhath Vrat

  •  Do not touch any utensil or worship material of Chhath with a false hand. If this is done, then this fast is broken.
  •  The fruits or flowers offered during this puja should not be broken or eaten by animal birds.
  •  One should eat satvik food on this day.
  •  Those who have kept the fast of Chhath should sleep separately after laying a pedestal.
  •  During Chhath Puja, utensils used in the past should not be used again, even if it is for worship.
  •  The items which are brought in the name of Chhath should be used only during the fast.

According to Hindu Mythology

The water of Yamuna river is black in color. According to the Vamana Purana, King Daksha uttered derogatory words towards Lord Shiva, the husband of Sati. Due to which Mother Sati consumed her body in the fire of yagna. When Lord Shiva got this news, he jumped sadly into the Yamuna river, due to which the color of Yamuna river turned black.

It is also believed that Kaliya Nag lived in the Yamuna river. Due to the poison of Kaliya Nag, the color of Yamuna river became black, Lord Krishna saved the Kaliya Nag and poisoned the Yamuna river and it is also said that Murlidhar’s The water turned black after entering the Yamuna river.

It is also believed that after Radha Krishna stayed on the banks of river Yamuna, the musk inside Shri Radha Rani slowly dissolved in the Yamuna river and the color of Yamuna river became dark.  It is also believed that Yamuna ji is considered to be the wife of Shri Krishna and because of being immersed in the love of her shyam all the time, her complexion became dark.

On the day of Yamuna Chhath, a bath is made in Yamuna ji in the morning. Throughout the day, keep chanting the name of Lord Shri Krishna in your mind and praying at evening time and reciting Yamunashtak.

Lord Shri Krishna is worshiped on this day and fast is also kept in his name. At the time of evening, worship fast and offer Yamuna ji fast and perform fast and do charity as per your wish. Mother Yamuna is pleased and gives you the boon of being a healer.

Story of Yamuna Chhath

According to the legend, Yamuna is considered the daughter of the Sun. The Yamuna is also the sister of Shanidev and Yamdev. According to the Puranas, Chhaya Shyam Varna was the wife of Surya Dev. For this reason both his children, Yamuna and Yama were born to Shyamvarna. Yamraj gave a boon to Yamuna that those who take bath will not have to go to Yamlok.

It is believed that the Yamuna was situated at the time of Krishna avatar when Lord Krishna asked Goddess Lakshmi to be born as Radha, then Radha ji asked the Yamuna to follow along. For this reason, Yamuna ji also appeared on the earth during Dwapara Yuga.

Therefore in Vraj, Mother Yamuna is worshiped as Mother and the festival of Yamuna Chhath is specially celebrated here and the blessings of Mother Yamuna are obtained by bathing and worshiping.

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