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2023 Vaikasi Visakam, Tamil Festival: Know The Religious Belief and significance

Vaikasi Visakam, Tamil Festival: Know The Religious Belief and significance

Vaikasi Visakam

Vaikasi Visakha Thirunal, devoted to Lord Murugan, is observed today, May 22 (May 4). Let's see in detail what are the specials of this day

What is Vaikasi Visakam?

May is the spring season in India as it is late spring. Therefore, spring festivals are held at the temple on this spring Vaikasi Visakha Day.

The Visakha star is a constellation of six stars.

Murugapperuman was born under this Visakha star, hence the name Visakhan. V means bird (peacock), Sagan means journey. Means one who can travel on a peacock. Vaikasi is the Visakha star who can come together with this full moon from Arumugam.

This wonderful Vaikasi Visakha Day is celebrated as the day of the incarnation of Arumugam as well as the day of the incarnation of Emdarma Rajan. So if we worship from fasting on this present day we will get the grace of Lord Murugan and longevity.

Vaikasi Visakha Specials

On this special day, the Thiruchendur Subramanya Temple holds a heat-warming ceremony every year to offer water to the Lord in the sanctum sanctorum. On this day, small porridge, bread, water, and so on. are made as a medicine for the Lord.

The birth story of the Tamil god Murugan and Karthikeyan is a non-vegetarian, what does the Purana say?

On this day, six fish toys are placed in a water tank in the spring hall of the Thiruchendur temple. The Curse of Lord Murugan is held yearly with the figurines of the six sages in remembrance of the sons of the sage Muni who were cursed by the fish who drank the spilled milk from the mouth of Lord Murugan.

The day Arjuna, the archer of the Mahabharata, received the Basupada weapon as a present from Lord Shiva. Today is the birthday of Nammazhvar, the most important of the twelve Alvars.

Vaikasi Visakha Suba Day is a wonderful day in the city of Thirumalappadi where Lord Shiva carries a weapon known as Malu and dances.

Do you know why Murugan got married twice?

There are many inscriptions treasured within the great temple of Tanjore. It is mentioned in the inscription that Rajendra Chola issued an order to pay paddy to the playwrights on Vaikasi Visakha Day yearly for those who stage the history of Raja Raja Chola who built the large temple. The day Ramalinga Adigalar established his Satyagnana Sabha in Vadalur.

On this auspicious day, most of the temples hold a grand festival.

It is believed that those born on Vaikasi Visakha Day, the day of the incarnation of Lord Murugan, will attain enlightenment and many fame.

In the Valmiki Ramayana, Rama-Lakshman is described as describing the start of Lord Murugan and his glorious glories. Valmiki refers to this occasion as the Kumara incident, saying that those who listen to it will attain bliss by removing their sin.

It is on this context that the Northern language poets, especially Kalidasa, refer to the incarnation of Lord Murugan as his book Kumara Sambhavam.

Today Vaikasi Visakam - Mantras and Praises of the Tamil God Murugan

In Nepal, Gautama Buddha Vaikasi, the son of Kapilavastu emperor Suttona Gautama, is considered to have attained enlightenment on the holy day of Vaikasi Visakha.

On Vaikasi Visakha Day, which is full of many specialties like this, if we worship Lord Murugan from fasting, we can get knowledge and all kinds of wealth and live better.

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