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2023Jagaddhatri Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha - Know the Significance

Jagaddhatri Puja Vidhi and Jagaddhatri Puja Vrat Katha
Jagaddhatri Mata is a form of Goddess Durga, the significance of her worship is told at the beginning of Sharad Ritu. West Bengal is famous for the worship of Durga Maia in the entire of India. Devotees especially go to West Bengal these days to see the worship of West Bengal. Along with the worship of Nav Durga, Jagadhatri can be a special place of worship. It is also performed with great enthusiasm in some locations of Orissa. These have originated from Tantra, along with Idol Kali and Durga, as Sattva. They are thought of to be the symbol of Rajas and Tamas.

When is Jagaddhatri Puja celebrated?

This festival is well known after one month of Durga Navami. This festival was born in Chandan Nagar province. This is a four-day festival in which the fair is held and this festival is celebrated in grand type with full enthusiasm. Jagadhatri Pooja is celebrated from the Ashtami of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month until Dashami.

This form of Durga is worshiped on the day of Gostashtami. It is just like a Durga Puja, which begins on Ashtami Tithi and ends on Dashami. It will likely be celebrated from November 5 to November 8. November 5 is the day of Ashtami, which has special significance.

The description of the form of Jagaddhatri Mata

The color of Jagadhatri Mata is just like the redness of the morning solar, she has three eyes and 4 arms, which include conch, bow, arrow, and chakra. Mata wears red clothes, wears jewelry, wears Nagajangopavita. Rides on Mata Singh who's standing on a dead demon elephant. One thing that's well-known behind that is that this statue says that the idol resides within the coronary heart of those who can control the spirit of the elephant, that's, they've destroyed their wrong and egoism.

Jagaddhatri Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

• Wake up in the morning on this present day, after sleeping, take a shower and resolve to do the following fast of Maa Jagaddhatri.
• First of all, bathe the idol of the idol and offer red clothes.
• After that make up the idol.
• After the makeup, the idol's statue should be put in on the post and start worshiping the idol.
• Worship the idol with crimson flowers, sandalwood, vermilion, durva, water.
• Offer sweets and fruits to the idol.
• Mata Aarti to be sung with Dhup-Deep, incense sticks.
• On completion of the puja, wish the idol happiness, peace, and prosperity of the family. Stay clean on this present day.
• After the Aarti  Open the fast after reciting the pooja the next day.
• By worshiping the idol Jagadhatri in a ritualistic method, the vrati gets the desired fruit and eliminates all kinds of sufferings.

In this festival, a big statue of Jagaddhatri is positioned within the pandal. There is an atmosphere like Durga Puja right here. The idol is worn with beautiful red saris, various kinds of jewelry. The idol of the Goddess is also decorated with garlands of flowers. Goddess Jagadhatri and Goddess Durga are very similar in form.

It is organized like a brand new night festival. But now-a-days people are starting a celebration and get together for this occasion, wherein a lot of money is lost and a puja has taken the type of celebration. The impact of modernity is also on festivals. In the devotion of God itself, the festivals have become far from their original purpose.

Jagaddhatri Puja Vrat Kattha: Story of Jagaddhatri Puja

Due to the terror of Mahishasura, the life of the Gods turns into difficult, due to which they go to the shelter of Idol Durga. After a long battle, Mahishasura is slaughtered by the idol, after which the gods regain the suzerainty of heaven, which brings pride to the gods and they think themselves best to break this arrogance of the Yaksha Dev. The deities are first worshiped, because of which the deities really feel insulted, and one by one they go to Yaksha Dev.

Yaksha Dev poses a question to Vayu Dev, what can you do. In pride, Chura Vayu Dev says that he can cross a mountain so excessive, how much speed he can travel across the universe. Then Yaksha Dev, holding a delicate type, asks Vayu Dev to point out it by destroying it, however, Vayu Deva fails to spoil it, thus all of the gods fail. Then they get this information, they have nothing for them, their existence without the would possibly of the Supreme God just isn't even like an ordinary human being. Then it's stated that the one who doesn't have the feeling of ego will get the blessings of Idol Jagaddhatri.

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