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2023 Panguni Uthiram Tamil Festival: Panguni Uthiram 2023

Panguni Uthiram Tamil Festival: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Panguni Uthiram

Devotees are flocking to the sacrificial houses of Lord Murugan, including Palani, on the eve of the Panguni Uttara festival. The Kavatis are carrying and paying the dues to Lord Murugan. The number of devotees has elevated in Palani as the Tirukkalyanam can be held today and the Thirutherottam tomorrow.

In the month of Panguni, the day on which the Uttara star and Pavurnami be a part of is the day when the benefit of Pavurnami is added by the star. Pavurnami presents various specialties every month. Panguni Pavurnami is a day of family unity and the Panguni pageant is a special occasion for the Tamil god Murugan.

Husband and wife unity

On the day of Panguni Uttara, the couple can be united by fasting in the mind of Lord Murugan, who will be the brother-in-law. It is customary for many Sumangali women to go to the temple today and multiply the puduthali. Panguni Uttara fasting helps to get rid of quarrels at house and hold each husband and wife in love with longevity and unity.

Marriage Blessing Fasting

Panguni  Uttiram quick is also called wedding fasting as a result of the best groom will come together if there is a Panguni Uttar fasting. Unmarried men and women who fast today and worship the Lord will surely get married soon.

Lord Murugan married

Goddess Devan on the day of Panguni Uttara to see Tirukkalyanam. Panguni Uttara Nannal is also the wedding day of Shiva Parvati, Raman Seetha and Devendran Indrani. The highlight of the day is the Andal Rangamannar Tirukkalyana ceremony in Srivilliputhur today. Seeing this, it is hoped that the marriage will go away.

Ideal ceremony for Murugan

Panguni Uttaram is well known today in the famous Murugan temples including Thiruparankundram, Thiruchendur, Thiruthani, Swamimalai, Palani Marudhamalai, Palamudirsolai. The Panguni Uttara festival started with the flag hoisting on the 15th at the Palani Murugan Temple, the third house of Lord Murugan's sacrificial homes. Devotees flock daily to see Murugan. Tirtha Kavadi and Peacock Kavadi got here and anointed Murugan and performed darshan.

Palani Panguni Order Ceremony

Muthukumaraswamy's wedding is going down in Palani today forward of the Panguni festival. Thousands of devotees have come to Palani to witness this. Devotees dance to the tune of Tirtha Kavadi in Thiruavinankudi. Following the Tirukkalyanam, Valli Deywana walks around Tiruvedi in a silver chariot. Tandayuthapani Swamy's Panguni Uttara procession can be held tomorrow, Thursday.

Devotees congregated in Palani

Devotees carrying the Tirthakkavadi carry the Tirukkalyanam and the silver procession in Palani today. The procession is scheduled to take place tomorrow on the foot of the mountain. Police security has been beefed up as tens of thousands of devotees will flock to observe the procession.

Special significance

On this day Parameswaran married Parvati. Raman took Sita by the hand. And Murugan took Deivana by the hand. Many divine marriages like Thiruvaranganathar, Sri Andal and so on. took place on the order of Panguni. Thus the Panguni Uttara fast is well known as the marriage fast and the marriage fast.

It is believed that if young men and virgins worship Lord Shiva and Lord Murugan on this marriage ceremony, the unmarried will get married soon.

The day the monster fell

It was in the month of Panguni that Lord Murugan started his journey to worship his mother and father to subdue the flood of monsters. Then, on the way in which, a small mountain started to develop large enough to block the forces of Lord Murugan. The reason for that is this mountainous Crownson.

Naradhar says that as a result of curse of Sage Agathi, even though it is a mountain that does not move, it continues to deceive and harass those who cross by it from the place it is. Naradhar also studies that in the city of Mayapuripattinam close to this hill, Tarakasuran, the brother of Surabathman and an elephant-faced ruler, ruled and subjected the gods to great misery.

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