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2023 Soorasamharam Tamil Festival: Soorasamharam 2023

Soorasamharam Tamil Festival: Know The Religious Belief and Significance


Life Mantra Desk. In South India, 6-day fasting is done from Pratipada date of Kartik month to Shashthi date (Chhath). Soorasamaharam festival is widely known at the conclusion of fasting on the sixth day. This pageant is devoted to Lord Kartikeya Swami i.e. Lord Murugan in South India.

However, in North India and other states, Skanda Shashthi quick is observed on this Shashthi. The month of Kartik is in the name of Lord Kartikeya, therefore, the best date of this month is considered extra important.

Skanda Shasthi
Soorasamaharam festival can be called Skanda Shashthi. The day of Skanda Shashthi is decided on the basis of lunar month and this festival falls on the sixth day of Kartik month.

Soorasamaharam festival

The final and most important day of this festival is 6 days from the Pratipada date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month to Chhath. It is believed that Lord Murugan defeated the demon Surapadman in battle on the day of Soorasamaharam.

That is why the pageant of Soorashamaram is widely known every year to give the message of victory of good over evil to the world. The day on which Panchami and Shashthi date come together i.e. when Shashthi date begins earlier than sunset on Panchami date. On the same day, Soorasamaharam is observed. That is why most temples have fun Kandi Shashthi on Panchami Tithi.

The six-day festival beginning on Pratipada i.e. the first day of Kartik month ends on Soorashamaram day. Thirukalyanam is widely known on the next day of Soorasamaharam. The 6-day ceremony is fasted every day. These following the quick should not eat more than one meal a day.

Soorasamaharam festival is mainly celebrated in Tamil Nadu. There is a particular consecration and adornment within the worship of Lord Kartikeya on this festival within the temples of Lord Murugan on this state. The festival is very celebrated at the popular Murugan temple in Tiruchendur and vital events are also organized.

If it is in Sashti, it will come in Agape

It can be simply said that Kanda Sashti fasting is the worship of fasting on the nice Sashti festival of Lord Murugan. In keeping with the village proverb, if you are in a pot, you'll come to Agape.

However, the real meaning of it's that married girls, in order to have the privilege of getting a child, begin fasting each month from Waxing Sashti Tithi to the waxing Sashti Tithi of the month of Ipasi, and finish their fast with the completion of Soorasamaharam.

Kantan calms the mind

Kanda Shashthi fast is all proper, but you recognize what Kantan means. Kandu + un = Kandan, i.e., Kandu is the pillar that binds the elephant. The explanation is that I am the one who suppresses the wandering mind within the illusion that I am the eldest and tie it along with the Lord's Pillar. Due to this, Lord Murugan got the name Kandan.

Beautiful Murugan

After the new moon, the waxing moon is normally dull. However, only on the sixth day, Sashti Tithi will likely be half-moon full of mesmerizing look. That in itself means that Murugan is an immortal beauty perpetually.

There is one other scientific truth hidden on this. On a crescent day, the force of gravity emanating from the moon is proportional. Due to this nature will be seen in solitude and calm without any fury, without sea turbulence.

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