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2023 Satyanarayan Vrat Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha - Significance and Importance

Satyanarayan Vrat Puja Vidhi and Satyanarayan Vrat Katha

Fast is done with reverence and devotion could be very fruitful, however it's mentioned that Satyanarayana fast is taken into account to be the most effective fruitful fast from Hinduism. Satyanarayana Puja is extremely popular in many parts of India together with Gujarat, Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. On this present day, Narayan form of Lord Vishnu is worshiped. It's believed that there's a regulation to worship Satyanarayana on the full moon of every month. If you wish to keep Satyanarayana fast this time, then let us tell you about its methodology.

Satyanarayan Vrat Puja Vidhi

  • The story of Sri Satyanarayana is performed on Ekadashi or full moon day. 
  • The fundamental purpose behind this fast is to worship the truth. 
  • Lord Shaligram is worshiped on this fast. 
  • On this present day, the devotees who fast on this present day should get up in the Brahma Muhurta and take bath. 
  • while taking care of Lord Satyanarayana and take a pledge. 
  • After that,  do Surya Namaskar and resolve that I'm doing this fast for the purpose of removing all my troubles and to get rid of sins. 
  • After this resolution, the Sun should be worshiped with leaves, flowers and so on. 
  • Worship Lord Vishnu within the evening and pray and offer prayers all through the evening. 
  • On this present day, one should listen to the story of Satyanarayana from a qualified Pandit. 

Satyanarayan Vrat Katha

Once, Yogi Narada ji noticed the creatures of the dead land being disturbed by numerous miseries based on their deeds. With this, his saintly heart was moved and he reached Kshirsagar whereas performing the harp, performing Hari Kirtan in the shelter of his supreme worshiper Lord Shrihari and Then God mentioned, O Watts! You have asked a really lovely question about the spirit of world welfare. So, thanks. Today I tell you a fast that's rare even in heaven and could be very virtuous and is going to cut off the bond of attachment and that's Srisatyanarayana fast. By doing this with the help of regulation, man attains worldly pleasures and attains salvation.

After this, upon seeing a poor Brahmin of Kashipur city doing begging, Lord Vishnu himself goes to that poor Brahmin as an outdated Brahmin and says, 'O Vipra! Lord Satyanarayan goes to offer desired results to God. You worship them fast, by doing this, the person is free of all types of sorrows. Fasting additionally has its personal significance on this fast, however not taking food only by fasting must be understood. On the time of fasting, there must be a feeling in the heart that at present Shri Satyanarayana Lord is sitting with us. Due to this fact, the inside and outside must be maintained cleanly and worshiping God faithfully and listening to their Mangalamayi story. ”In the night, this fast is considered to be more expansive.

The story of Shri Satyanarayana tells that mankind has equal rights in fasting. Whether it's poor, rich, king or businessman, Brahmin or other class, woman or man. For example this, the story of poor Brahmin, poor woodcutter, King Ulkamukh, rich businessman, Sadhu Vaishya, his spouse Lilavati, daughter Kalavati, King Tungadhwaj and Gopganas have been included on this story.

By assuming a story, it's concluded that the actions of all those who believed within the reality have been proved. Simply as the woodcutter, poor Brahmin, Ulkamukh, gopagnas heard that this quick goes to give happiness, good luck, child, wealth and everything, then on listening to it started to conduct Satyavrat with reverence, devotion and love and consequently take pleasure in spiritual happiness in the world. He became the official of salvation.

Sadhu Vaishya also heard the same incident from King Ulkamukh with legislation, however his religion was incomplete. There was a scarcity of reverence. He used to say that I'll worship Satyavrat on the attainment of youngsters. As time handed, an attractive woman was born in his home. When his devoted spouse reminded him of the fast, he mentioned that he'll do it on the time of marriage of the woman.

When the time came, the woman also got married, however that Vaishya didn't fast. He went for business with his son-in-law. He was imprisoned by Raja Chandraketu together with son-in-law on charges of theft. Again house was stolen. Spouse Lilavati and daughter Kalavati became compelled to beggar. In the future Kalavati saw the worship of Shri Satyanarayana in the home of a Vipra and came home and advised the mother. Then the mother fasted and worshiped the next day, asking God to bless her husband and son-in-law soon. Srihari was pleased and in a dream ordered the king to release the two prisoners. The king despatched them away by giving them cash and abundant wealth. After coming house, he organized the full moon and the solstice for the life of Satyavrat, and consequently, he got salvation after enjoying worldly pleasures.

Similarly, King Tughdhwaj saw the gopganas within the forest worshiping Lord Sri Satyanarayana, but the Chur king neither went to the place of worship nor worshiped from far away nor obtained the offerings given by the gopanas. The result was that the son of the king, money and grain, all of Ashwa-Gajadi were destroyed. The king immediately realized that the reason for the disaster was Satyadev's disrespect to God. He was very sorry. He instantly went to the forest. Calling the gopganas took a lot of time and worshiped Satyanarayana. Then he received the prasad from them and came house. He noticed that the disaster was averted and all his property and folks were protected. The king was filled with happiness and was abolished in the conduct of Satyavrat and offered his all to God.

From Sri Satyanarayana fast we get the education that Satyarup Brahm is present in us within the form of Jeevatma. We're all of the types of truth, however thinking of gathering the issues which come under the control of Maya, they're engrossed on the earth. Removing this ignorance, accepting the reality and doing devotion to the Lord is the religion of man. That is the essence of Satyanarayana fast and story.

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