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2023 Janaki Jayanti Puja Vidhi and Katha: Janaki Jayanti 2023

Janaki Jayanti Puja Vidhi and Janaki Jayanti Katha

The Importance of Janaki Jayanti

Goddess Sita is worshiped on the day of Janaki Jayanti. This present day is widely known because of the birth anniversary of Mother Sita. On this present day, Suhagin women fast for the peace of their home and for the long life of their husbands.

On this present day, there's an influx of devotees in the temples to worship Lord Shri Rama and Mother Sita. On this day, whoever worships Lord Shri Rama and Mother Sita, receives the fruit of sixteen great donations and the fruit of earth donations.

Janaki Jayanti fasts for the long life of fortunate women. It provides a number of benefits. On this day, the person who worships Lord Shri Rama and Mother Sita by law. He gets the fruits of 16 great donations. Through which the fruit of earth donation and all of the pilgrimage results. Mata Sita was born on a Magalwar day in Pushya Nakshatra. Therefore, Mother Sita is often known as Janaki.

Janki Jayanti Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

1. On the day of Janaki Jayanti, the seeker ought to first bathe in Brahmamuhurta and put on clean clothes.
2. After this, sprinkle Ganga water on clean land and make a pavilion on it. This pavilion must be of  8 or 16 pillars.
3. Set up Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita by placing a beautiful posture within the center of the mandap.
4. One can set up the idol of gold, brass, copper, or clay of worship. However when you can't set up the idol then you may also set up the picture of Shri Ram and Mother Sita.
5. After this, worship Lord Ganesha and Mata Gauri.
6. After this, Shri Sri Janaki Ramabhyam Nam: By doing mantra, you are able to do asanas, padayya arghya, and achman.
7. After this, bathe Lord Sri Rama with panchamrit and offer clothes and ornaments to Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita.
8. After this, also provide gandha, sindoor, sandalwood, flower, garland, fruit, naivedya, mishthan to Sri Rama, and Mother to Sita.
9. After this, they need to be duly worshiped with incense and lamps and after that the story of Lord Shri Ram and Mother Janaki should be heard.
10. After listening to the story, Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita should offer sweets and offer aarti with their incense and lamp.
11. After this, on the day of Navami, all these items must be donated to a poor particular person or a Brahmin.
12. After this, immerse the pavilion in a holy river on the day of Navami.

Janaki Jayanti Katha: Janki Jayanti Story

According to legend, Mithila once had a very extreme famine. At that time the king of Mithila used to be Janak. He was a really virtuous and kind king. He was very much interested in spiritual work. He used to get some debate within the meeting for the knowledge and also donated a cow to the winners. But this famine distracted him. He used to suffer a lot when he noticed his subjects dying of starvation. He invited learned people in his state to resolve this problem. All of the learned people sitting in that assembly put their opinion before the king.

All the scholars agreed on one factor that if King Janak himself plows within the fields. So famine might be overcome. After this, King Janak took a plow for his subjects and left. That day was the place on the Navami Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Baishakh month, the place where Raja Janak began the plow is said to be present in Punora village of Sita Mani, Bihar. After this, King Janak began plowing within the fields. That plow caught at one place.

King Janak tried his best but the plow was so stuck that he was not taking the name of exit. After this, King Janak asked his troopers to dig up the surrounding land and see the place the plow point is stuck. After this, the soldiers excavated there, out of which a big urn emerged. When the Kalash was opened, a beautiful girl emerged from it. Whom King Janak accepted as his daughter.

At the same time, there was a heavy rain in Mithila and the famine of the state was overcome. When that girl was named, based on the point of the plow, that girl was named Sita. Whose marriage was later with Prabhu Shri Ram.

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