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2023 Shabri Jayanti Puja Vidhi and Katha - Shabri Jayanti 2023

Shabri Jayanti Puja Vidhi and Shabri Jayanti Katha

Based on the Hindu calendar, Shabri Jayanti is well known yearly on the seventh day of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month. During the Ramayana period, it was Shabri who fed lord Berry to Lord Shri Ram. That's the reason Shabri attained salvation.

Shabari Mata Devi is worshiped

A special fair is held on this present day in the Sabarimala temple and there's worship. Shabari attained the position of Goddess and likewise attained salvation. On the day of Shabri Jayanti, Shabari is worshiped within the form of Goddess, this jubilee is a symbol of salvation by devotion. Worshiping Shabari Devi gives the grace of devotion in the same way as Shabari had received from Lord Rama.

Foot dust brings water into the pond

One day Shabari went to get water in a pond close to the ashram, while a sage was absorbed in penance nearby. When they saw Shabari burning, they called him untouchable and hit a stone on it and a drop of blood flowing from his injury turned all of the water in the pond into the blood. The sage poured Ganga, Yamuna water of all the holy rivers into it, however, the blood didn't turn into water. A few years later, when Lord Rama came there seeking Sita, people urged Lord Rama to turn the blood of the pond into water.

Lord Rama asked the sage the history of the pond, then the sage narrated the story of Shabri and the pond. Lord Rama stated sadly, O Guruvar, this blood shouldn't be of the goddess Shabari, but of my heart, which you have injured with abusive words. Shabari runs after listening to the name of Lord Rama. Saying 'Ram Mere Prabhu' when she approaches the pond, the dust of her feet goes into the pond and all of the blood of the pond automatically turns into water. Then Lord Rama says, see the blood turned into water from the dust of Guruvar Shabri's feet.

Animals weren't allowed to sacrifice

Shabari was the daughter of a tribal Bhil. It was very simple to look at but very tender from the heart. His father determined to marry them however it was a custom of the tribals that innocent animals had been sacrificed before any good work. To fulfill this practice, his father brought a hundred sheep goats a day before Shabri's marriage.

When Shabri came to know, she started planning to save these animals. Instantly, Shabri thought in her mind and she ran away from the home before daybreak and went to the forest, in order that she may save these innocent animals. Shabari was nicely aware that she would never be able to return to her residence as soon as she went that way, however she first thought of her flocks. Shabari was a devotee of Lord Rama and it was due to his devotion that Lord Rama ate the plum’s of Shabri. It's believed that on this present-day Lord Rama ate his berries.

Shabari Jayanti Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

1. Lord Sri Rama is worshiped on the day of Shabri Jayanti. On this present day, the seeker should get up early in the morning and put on clean clothes.
2. After this, a clean garrison should be sprinkled with Ganga water and a statue of Lord Rama should be installed on it.
3. After installing the idol, Lord Rama should provide fruits, flowers, and naivedya and plum specifically.
4. After this, incense and lamps should be lit in the entrance of Lord Shri Ram.
5. After lighting incense and lamps, Lord Shree Rama should be duly worshiped.
6. After this one should read or listen to the story of Lord Shri Ram.
7. After studying and listening to the story of Lord Rama, Aarti ought to be performed with his incense and lamp.
8. After this Lord Rama must offer plum and remember Mother Shabari while offering it.
9. Lastly, one should apologize to Lord Shri Rama for any mistake in worship.
10. After this, if possible, distribute plum amongst poor people.

Shabari Jayanti Story

According to the legend, the name of Shabari was Shramana. Who was born in a Shabari caste Shramana used to worship Lord Sri Rama since childhood. Due to which she used to wait for Lord Shri Ram. The wedding that Shramana married was of an Asuri nature.

Due to which individuals used to run away from Shramana. Because of which someday Shramana abandoned her residence and took refuge in the ashram of Matang Rishi. One day her husband came to the ashram of Matang Rishi while searching for Shramana and started indecency with Matang Rishi. After which Matang Rishi tied him. After which he began praying for Shrama and vowed never to come back again.

After which Shramana became absorbed in devotion to Lord Rama. When Prabhu arrived to search out Mata Janaki near him, devotional Shramana started feeding him his infused plum. She became so absorbed in devotion to God that she didn't even know about it. This story of devotion to Shabri has been written in many texts.

Matang Rishi gave blessings
After escaping from residence, Shabri alone was wandering within the forest, when she knocked within the ashram of many gurus for the aim of education, however, Shabari was of inferior caste, so she was dismissed by everybody. Lastly, Shabari obtained place and education within the ashram of Matang Rishi. Matang Rishi was more than happy with Shabari's Guru devotion. Before leaving the body, Matang Rishi blessed Shabari that one day Lord Rama himself would come to meet Shabri. He will likely be saved that day and will get salvation.

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