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2023 Jamai Sasthi Puja Vidhi and Tradition Story - Know the Significance

Jamai Sasthi Celebration Vidhi and Jamai Sasthi Tradition Story
Jamai sasthi is noticed on the sixth day of Shukla paksha of Jyeshta month in response to the Bangla calendar it's celebrated like a competition in response to the identify jamai is served and eaten on this day Also good well being of youngsters can also be prayed on this quick the sensible significance of this distinctive custom is to strengthen the connection together with this quick is noticed to keep away from illnesses protecting in thoughts the climate. Jamai is extra essential on this quick as a result of in Indian tradition he's additionally handled like a son this competition is being celebrated.

Tradition of Jamai Sasthi

As per tradition, mother-in-law takes an early morning bath and worships Shashthi Devi. After the puja, they worship both as soon as the daughter and son-in-law come home. Water, Durva, betel leaf, betel nut, sweet curd, flowers, and fruits are kept in the plate. The water of worship of Shashthi Devi is sprinkled on the Jamai. After this, their Aarti is performed. Then the tilak of curd is applied to the jamai and every kind of protection and longevity is wished by tying the yellow thread of Shashthi Devi. After that, there is a homeland of Jamai.

Jamai is performed on this day. Wishing God with daughter and son-in-law, God wishes the whole family happiness. New clothes are given and special food is prepared. According to the Bengal tradition, especially the son-in-law is fed seasonal fruits including sweets, mango-litchi. After this food is fed, during this time there is also a tradition to wind the jamai with hand fan. Jamai and Beti are then given gifts.

Special worship for children without drinking water

On the day of Sasthi, early in the morning, the mother takes a bath in flowing water and gives the Shashthi water to the children. After bathing in the pilgrimage, Shashthi Devi is worshiped with the long life of children and Jamai. Preparations for this start a day in advance. The women of the village cut the date palm and make it like a plate.

In the Puja plate, Durva carries grass, paddy, karamcha, new dates of dates, betel nut and black sesame. On the morning of Shashti Tithi, in the morning, take all the materials in your hands and bathe in a wet cloth to fan the children, so that the child is kept away from all kinds of physical problems throughout his life. After this she blesses the child with materials. Gives mango, litchi and seasonal fruits in children's hands. She also offers new clothes. Then the mother drinks water.

Jamai Sasthi Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

  • Such couples, who are unable to get child happiness, should recite the hymn of Mata Shashthi on both evenings (morning + evening) during Navratri period. 
  • On the first day of Navaratri, by wishing to have children, you should worship Shaligram Shila, Kalash, Vatvriksha, or the original Shashthi Devi with red sandal on the wall and worship them for 9 days with faith. 
  • Chant the mantra given below and call upon the mother and meditate.
  • Invocation, after meditation. Om Shanthi Deviye Swaha. Chant this octave mantra 1100 times for nine days with a garland of Tulsi or red sandalwood. 
  • Before chanting, worship the mother with aavahana, paadya, ardhya, achman, bath, dress cloth, floral, incense, lamp, kar turmeric, kumkum, floral, akshata, naivedya etc. 
  • When the chanting of the mantra is complete, then recite the hymn given under Mata Shashtidevi. 
  • By the grace of mother, children will no doubt be born. 

Jamai Sasthi Vrat Katha: Story of Jamai Sasthi

The story of Jamai Sasthi Vrata Katha (a well-known vrata of bengal)  Lord Ganapati,son of Gouri, married to Goddess Pusti for it was his mother's want. But Lord Ganapati could not reside a standard household life as his heart was past any bondage. Thus the mother-in-law of Lord Ganapati,Goddess Dharitri, turned tensed and upset for her daughter's future. At that time, Goddess Sasthi came to Dharitri and advised her to do a Vrata at Jyestha Sukla Sasthi and ask her son-in-law to come back to her and serve him meals. If her son-in-law is happy with this serving then her desire might be fulfilled. So Mother Dharitri did this Vrata and requested Lord Ganapati to come back to her house with Pusti. Lord Ganapati came along together with his spouse, however in some way he knew what is happening.

So when Mother Dharitri began to serve him meals, Ganapati also started his Leela. He was eating constantly however his starvation was not glad. He was asking for more and more meals. Mother Dharitri gave all food to him, however Ganapati's starvation was still not gone,like he hasn't eaten anything. Pusti knew what is going on, so she informed her mother to serve Ganapati meals with Durva on it. Then his starvation might be gone. Dharitri did the same factor as her daughter told her. And the starvation of Vinayaka was fulfilled at last.

He was very happy with this service of devotion, thus he stated: One can't please me with all of the worldly pleasures however can only make me pleased with a single Durva offering with ardent devotion. Ask mother! I gives you something. Dharitri then stated: please make a family life with my daughter.

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