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2023 Annapurna Puja Vidhi and Vrat Katha - Know the Significance

Annapurna Puja Vidhi and Annapurna Puja Vrat Katha
It is believed that Jagat is the form of Shiva and Shakti where Shiva is Vishveshwara and his power is mother Parvati. In the creation period of the universe, Parvati is called 'Maya' and at the time of rearing she is known as 'Annapurna', while in the time of destruction she becomes 'Kalratri'.

According to Monks, the fasting and worshiping of Annapurna provides spiritual, divine, and material happiness. Therefore, women and men who wish for food, wealth, health, and children should perform the fast-worshiping of mother Annapurna methodically.

Once every year, in the month of Margashirsha (Agahan), the Anniversary of Shukla Paksha on the occasion of Shukla Paksha is worshiped and fasted, it falls in November. Although this fast starts from the Panchami date of Krishna Paksha in Agahan month and lasts for 16 days till the Shashthi date of Shukla Paksha, those who are not able to do so can get its full benefit in one day.

What to do on Annapurna Puja?

First of all, take a clean cloth after retiring from bathing, keep a thread of silk or ordinary cotton and put 17 knots in it. Now worship Lord Lal Bhagwati Annapurna by worshiping Lal Kusum, Chandanadi, and placing the thread in front of the picture or idol of Mother Annapurna. After the prayer, the man should wear a thread in the wrist of the right hand and the female left hand and listen to the story. Pay attention and listen and tell the story. By doing this one gets the son, Yash, Vaibhav, Lakshmi, Dhan-Dhanya, Vahana, Ayu, Arogya, and Aishwarya.

Materials used in Poojan

Incense, lamp, red flowers, roli, green paddy rice, Annapurna Devi picture or idol, silky or simple cotton thread, pipal leaf, betel nut or guarpatha, basil plant, paddy hair for worship of Annapurna Shashti Kalpavriksha, grain-laden pot, ladle, 17 pots require a dish without salt and flowers like jaggery or rose. This puja takes place after sunset in the evening, this year it will start from five to eight minutes in the evening. After collecting all the materials, wear white clothes and make a Kalpavriksha of paddy earrings in the Poojagriha and place the idol of Bhagwati Annapurna on the throne or outpost under it. To the left of that idol, place a container full of grain and ladle in the right hand. Dedicate incense lamps, naivedya, vermilion, flowers etc. to Bhagwati Annapurna. Take out your hand rope and pray at the feet of Bhagwati. After that, listen to the story of Annapurna Vrat. Offer Dakshina to the Guru. Offer 17 types of dishes. Offer food to a son, then at night, without salt too.

Annapurna Jayanti Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

  •  On the day of Annapurna Jayanti, after taking bath early in the morning, the cleaners should clean the kitchen and stove after wearing a clean cloth. 
  • After this, install the statue or picture of mother Annapurna at a checkpoint. 
  •  After this, take 17 threads of cotton thread. Put sandalwood and kumkum on that thread and put it in front of mother Annapurna's picture. 
  •  After this, 10 Durva, 10 Akshat should be offered. 
  •  After this, duly worship mother Annapurna with incense and lamps etc. 
  •  After this, pray to mother Annapurna, O mother, give me everything, money, grain, animal son, health, fame, etc. O Goddess, I bow to you. 
  •  After this, men should wear this thread on the wrist of the right hand and females should wear this thread on the wrist of the left hand. 
  •  After this, listen or read the story of mother Annapurna 
  •  Offer them any kind of prasad made in the house and relieve them from their incense and lamp. 
  •  After this, pray for mother Annapurna with 17 green paddy rice and 16 durwa and say, you are omnipotent, so I dedicate you to this all-pervasive.
  •  When the worship is over, after this, make sure to donate food to a poor person or a Brahmin.

Annapurna Puja Vrat Katha: Story of Annapurna

According to the legend Annapurna Jayanti Ki Katha, once upon a time, water and food all ended on the earth. All animals started dying due to non-availability of food and water. After this, folks started worshiping Brahma and Vishnu. The sages went to Brahma Lok and Baikuntha Lok and asked Brahma Ji and Vishnu to solve this problem.

After which Brahma Ji and Vishnu Ji along with all the sages reached Mount Kailash. Everyone prayed to Lord Shiva, Lord earth, the earth is going through a great crisis. So break your focus and come to a waking state. Then Shiva opened his eyes and asked the reason for everyone's arrival. Then everyone told that there has been a shortage of food and water on the earth.

Then Lord Shiva assured them that you guys should be patient. After this lord shiva and maa Parvati visited the earth after which mata Parvati took the type of Annapurna and lord shiva took the type of a monk after this lord shiva took alms and distributed it among the many folks of the earth. After which the shortage of food and water on the earth was completed and everyone cheered on mother Annapurni. For this reason, today's Annapurna Jayanti is worshiped.

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