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2023 Lalita Sasti Puja Vidhi: Know the significance and Importance

Lalita Sasti Puja Vidhi: Know the significance and Importance

This festival is well known on the day of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. Lord Krishna himself has described this fast. Bhagavan says that this fast performed on the Shukthi of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada is a fasting and auspicious for a child.

Based on Hindu Panchang, devotees keep fast on the occasion of Shukla Paksha, Lalita Shashti dedicated to Shakti Swaroopa Devi Lalita.

This festival is celebrated in different forms in many places on the day of Shukla Paksha Shashti of Bhadrapad month almost all over India. On this day, devotees worship Maa Lalitha through the Shodashopchar method. This vrat is important for the happiness of kids and long term life.

Lalita Sasti Vrat Puja Vidhi

  • Get up in the morning after bathing, wearing clean clothes
  • Sitting in the north-east or north-facing corner of the house 
  • keep the essential materials for fasting, such as the Deity of Lord Shaligram Ji, images of Kartikeya, Mata Gauri and Shiva. 
  • Worship is required. 
  • One should worship copper lota, coconut, kumkum, Akshat, turmeric, sandalwood, abir, gulal, lamp, ghee, fragrance, flower, milk, water, seasonal fruits, nuts, molly, asan and so on.
  • In worship, all the material should be offered to the Lord 
  • Worshiping Shashthi Devi with the mantra "Om Hreen Shashthi Deviya Swaha". Finally pray that the Goddess of Lalita, who provides you happiness and good luck. 
  • This fast needs to be specially done for daughter-women. Due to this day being celebrated in various forms, the diversity of its worship can be seen.

Significance of Lalita Sasti fast 

This fast is kept by every ladies for the safety of her husband and well-being life and child happiness. On the day of Lalitha fast, prayers are made for the long life and pleasant married life of husband and children and the offerings of Meva Mishthan and Malpua and Kheer and so on. are made.

In lots of places, worship of Vishnu with sandalwood and Gauri Parvati and Shiva can be practiced on this day. The fast of Lalitha Shashthi can be called the child Shashthi fast. This fast offers birth to kids and reduces the sufferings of children. This fast may be very fruitful and auspicious. By observing this fast methodically, one will get kids. If the kid has any kind of pain or illness, then by observing this fast it's prevented.

Along with mother Lalita, Skandamata and Shiva Shankar are additionally worshiped on this day. This day's fast may be very fruitful for the devotees. It is believed that by worshiping Mother Lalita Devi on this day with devotion, she gets the blessings and blessings of the Mother Goddess and the devotee's life is always spent with peace, peace, and prosperity.

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