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2023 Lohri Puja vidhi and Vrat Katha - Lohri 2023

Lohri Puja vidhi and Lohri Vrat Katha
The festival of Lohri is celebrated with great pomp and show. Although this festival is mainly a festival of Punjab but now it is being celebrated in many places. On this day, fire is lit in the evening which is called Lohri. People celebrate by dancing and dancing near this Lohri. This festival is very special for newly married people. These people put jaggery, revdi, gajak and phulas in the holy fire of Lohri and wish for a happy life, revolving around it. Know the method and worship of Lohri.

What is Lohri ?

This festival is celebrated on the night before the day of Makar Sankranti. After sunset, people gather around their homes and burn Lohri. On this festival, by making a garland of cow dung cakes, this garland is offered in the fire of Lohri in the joy of fulfilling the vow. This is called spinning. Lohri means wood from lah, oh i.e. dried up leaf and dhi i.e. revdi.

Lohri is also celebrated like this: 

At many places, special worship of Adyashakti, Shri Krishna and Agnidev is done on the festival of Lohri. For this, install a picture of Mahadevi in the west direction of the house. Light a lamp of mustard oil, offer vermilion and bell-leaf in front of them, offer it as a burnt offering. Now take dry coconut, add camphor to it, ignite the fire and offer raisins, peanuts and maize and revolve around it seven times.

Lohri Puja Vidhi: Method of Worship

-With west facing the west of the house, worship the Mahadevi on black cloth and worship it.
-Lite a mustard oil lamp, incense with myrrh, offer vermilion, offer a ballot paper, Offer the enjoyment of the Revdis.
 - Put camphor in dried coconut shells, ignite the fire and put in the Revdis, Peanuts and Mecca in the fire.
 - After this, revolve the fire seven times.
- Chant this mantra with Lohri Puja: Pujan Mantra: ॐ The festival of Sati Shambhavi Shivpriya Swaha
-Lohri is basically the festival of worship of Adyashakti, Shri Krishna and Agnidev.

Lohri Vrat Katha: Story of Lohri

Lohri is associated with a girl named Sundari and a warrior named Dulla Bhatti. According to the prevailing historical legend in this regard, there lived a Brahmin in the Ganjibar area who had a girl named Sundari who was very beautiful like her name. She was so beautiful that her form, youth, and beauty were being discussed in the street. Gradually, the charms of her beauty reached the king of Zanzibar. The king was fascinated by the beauty of the beauty and he decided to make the beauty of his harem beautiful.

The king of Ganjibar sent a message to Sundari's father to send his daughter to his harem, in return he would be loaded with riches. He gave many temptations to the Brahmin to send his daughter to his harem.

The poor Brahmin got scared after receiving the king's message. He did not want to send his beloved daughter to his harem. When he could not find anything, he thought of Dulla-Bhatti, a Rajput warrior living in the forest, who had become a notorious bandit but had great reverence in the hearts of the people for helping the poor and the exploited.

The Brahmin reached Dulla Bhatti the same night and told him the whole thing in detail. Dulla Bhatti, on hearing the agony of the Brahmin, consoled him and went out in search of a well-qualified Brahmin boy by night. On the same night, Dulla Bhatti, looking for a worthy Brahmin boy, considered Sundari as his own daughter, gave Agri as his witness and gave him his hands, and married Sundari with the Brahmin youth at night. At that time Dulla-Bhatti had nothing to give to daughter Sundari. Therefore, he gave Sundari's hand in the hands of a Brahmin youth by giving him sesame and sugar and sent Sundari to her in-laws.

When the King of Ganjibar came to know about this, he was furious. At the same time, he ordered his army to attack the Ganjibar area and eliminate Dulla Bhatti. As soon as the king's order was received, the army moved towards Dulla Bhatti's hideout, but Dulla-Bhatti and his companions put all their strength and severely dusted the king's army.

In Zanzibar, the people burnt bonfire and sang songs in praise of Dulla-Bhatti in the joy of the crushing defeat of the Royal Army at the hands of Dulla Bhatti. It is said that since then Sundari and Dulla Bhatti were particularly remembered in songs sung on the occasion of Lohri.

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