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Varaha Jayanti 2023 - Know Puja Vidhi, Importance & Story

Varaha Jayanti is celebrated on Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. According to the scriptures, on this day Lord Vishnu incarnated Varaha to save the earth. On this day, devotees of Lord Vishnu do hymns – Kirtan and fast and fast.

It is believed that whichever person performs this fast. Obstacles like that ghost haunts never bother him. Many rituals are performed in temples on Varaha Jayanti. In this incarnation of Lord Vishnu, his torso is of human and head is boar.

Which is considered a symbol of victory over evil. There is no dearth of wealth and wealth in the person who observes the fast on this day.

Varaha Jayanti Puja Vidhi

  • On the day of Varaha Jayanti, the seeker should wear clean clothes after taking bath etc. After this, the statue of Lord Varaha should be kept in a vase.
  •  After that, you should offer fruits, flowers etc. on the urn and wear a garland on it.
  •  After wearing the garland, etc., the Kalash should be duly worshiped and the story of Varaha Jayanti should be heard or read.
  • After this one should perform aarti of Lord Varaha and immerse this Kalash on the next day of Varaha Jayanti.
  •  After immersion of the Kalash, Brahmins should be given food and dakshina etc.

Varaha Jayanti Katha

Once Marichi Nandan Kashyap ji was sitting in the worship of God at the time of evening, at the same time, Kashyap’s wife Diti came to Kamatur, near the Kashyap ji with the longing of getting a son and prayed to Kashyap ji to please him with sweet words While explaining to Dity.

Kashyap ji started saying, “Hey dear! I will definitely give you a bright son as per your wish, but you will have to wait for a stroke because after sunset in the evening, Bhootnath Lord Shankar takes his ghost, ghost and yakshas to climb on the bull and at this time he sees you in Kamkrida.

You will be unhappy. So this time is not suitable for childbirth. The world will condemn me. This time is only for evening worship and God worship etc. At this time those who behave like vampires are hell-bent. Even after Kashyap ji’s persuasion, Kamatur Diti could not understand anything and with an impudent gesture, took hold of Kashyap ji’s clothes.

Kashyap, considering this situation as a strong wish of God, greeted the divine and fulfilled the wish of Diti and After bathing with pure water, Sanatan started chanting Gayatri as Brahman. Ditti conceived and prayed to Kashyap ji, “O Aryaputra! Lord Bhoothnath forgive my crime and do not destroy my womb. Their nature is very fierce. But they always protect their devotees. They are my brothers-in-law, I greet them. ”

Kashyap ji, when he saw his wife praying for the benefit of the children and trembling with awe, he said, “Oh Diti! You did not listen to me, your mind was indulged in lust, you have indulged in untimely, due to which, from your womb, two great ungodly sons will be born who will trouble the innocent creatures of the whole world from their atrocities, destroy religion. , When their sinful deeds are at the peak, God will kill them by taking an avatar. ”

Diti said, “O God! I also wish that my sons should be slaughtered by the hand of God, not by the curse of the Brahmin, because through the curse of the Brahmin, the creature goes to hell and takes birth. ”

Then Kashyap ji said, “Oh God! You are very repentant of your karma, so your grandson will be a great devotee of God and that child will serve the saints and will win the time and be dear to God. ”

From the womb of Mata Diti, Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu were born, at the time of the birth of the two children, all the three worlds started shivering and fierce thunderstorms started, the lightning started falling, Ketu and Rahu started to sit on the sun and moon again and again, all the people became in darkness.

Since they were born after a hundred years of pregnancy, due to which both the demons became huge as soon as they were born and according to the laws of law, they went on the path of wickedness.  In Hiranyaksha, the ambition of being immortal and invincible was awakened and he pleased Brahma Ji by doing hard penance and received a boon from Brahma Ji as a boon to be defeated and not killed by any of the gods, demons, humans.

In this way, after being abbey and conquering all the three worlds, he began to rule a parasol, and once he hid the earth under the sea in Hatal. While Brahma ji was sleeping, he also stole away the Vendas from him. It was kept close to you. The persecution of Hariyaksha, extremely powerful and full of his pride, was increasing day by day.

Once Hiranyaksha reached the Puri of Puri in the boast of his power and challenged Varun Dev to battle, hearing the words of Hiranyaksha, Varun Dev was angry but after pressing his anger in the heart, smiling calmly said that “May you be great to Be a warrior and a knight but no more than Shri Vishnu, there is no one except Lord Vishnu in all the three worlds who is great, so go to him only, he can fight with you and will defeat you. ”


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