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Matsya Jayanti 2024 - Know Significance & Story

Matsya Jayanti is celebrated on Tritiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month. It is also called ‘Haypanchami’. Matsya avatar is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, one of the ten incarnations of Vishnu and is considered to be the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The story of Matsya Jayanti is as follows

Lord Vishnu is said to be the follower of this creation. When there is a disaster on this world, then Lord Vishnu takes incarnation and incarnates on this creation. Once due to the inadvertence of Brahma Ji, the Hayagriva monster swallowed the Vedas, after which knowledge ceased and sin and unrighteousness spread all around the earth, then Lord Vishnu incarnated Matsya to save the world from danger.

Satyavrat was a king named Manu. He was very kind. Once Satyavrat was bathing in the Manu river early in the morning. After bathing, when he filled water in his Anjuli to offer the Tarpan, a small fish came into his Anjuli. When Satyavrat lowered his hand to leave the small fish in the river, the small fish made themselves helpless fish and said to Satyavrat Manu, “O Rajan, in this river big creatures kill small creatures and eat them, so I take it from here and protect my life. ”

Satyavrat Manu took pity on the small fish and put that fish in his kamandal and brought it to his palace. But in a single night, the fish took its body so big that it started to become small to the kamandal fish. The fish said to Satyavrat Manu, “O Rajan, my body has grown, so you should find another place for me. My body has become like a spindle ”

The king put that fish in another vessel but after some time that fish became the size of that vessel.  Fish said to Satyavrat Manu that “O Rajan, my body has become like a character, so you should find another place for me.”

Satyavrat Manu left the fish in the river and that river too became small for that fish. Eventually, the fish was released into the sea, but that sea also became small for that fish. He again told the king “Hey Rajan, this sea is too small for me, so you should make some other arrangement for my stay. ”

Seeing all this, Satyavrat Manu was surprised and understood that this is not an ordinary fish, he folded his hands and prayed to the fish that who you are please give your full introduction

Then Lord Vishnu, wearing the Matsya avatar, said to Satyavrat Manu, “O Rajan hai Hayagriva monster has stolen the Vedas. Due to which sin has reached the extreme limit on earth. So I have come in this fish form to kill the demon Hayagriva. Just seven days from today, the Holocaust will come on Earth. Everything will be destroyed. The whole earth will be submerged in water, water will be seen everywhere. Then the world will be created new. ”

Mr. Hari said that a boat will reach you, you will gather all the herbs, seeds and animals, sage, etc. in it and sit on the boat. The holocaust started on the seventh day. The sea started making terrible rain. The entire earth was engulfed in water. A boat appeared at the same time.

Satyavrat Manu sat on the boat with the sages. They filled the seeds and animals of whole grains and medicines in the boat. Then this very huge fish saved the Vedas by killing the Hayagriva demon and returned them to Brahma.

When Brahma ji woke up from his sleep, the Holocaust was at its end, due to which it is called the night of Brahma. 4 lasts for 320 000 000 years. The Matsya lord tied the serpent king Vasuki to the door and proceeded towards the Sumeru mountain.

On the way, Lord Matsya narrated the Matsya Purana to Satyavrat Manu, “I live in all beings, no one is high nor low. All beings are the same. There is nothing in this mortal world except me. The person who spends his life looking at me, finally gets into me. ”

And in this way, Lord Matsya protected everyone from the cataclysm, and saved the species of plants and animals and spread the knowledge of Matsya Purana in the new age.

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