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Tamil Deepavali 2023 - Know Religious Belief and Significance

It is customary for Hindus to celebrate various festivals. However, in northern India, it is customary for it to be a name or a variation of the method of celebration. Some festivals are celebrated in North India and some in South India. Deepavali is a major festival celebrated all over the country.

When is Diwali?

Deepavali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated by Hindus all over the country. Nowadays, Deepavali is seen as a time when the country’s economy can thrive and be traded beyond merely a festival celebrated by the people. Many manufacturing companies are looking to sell their products during the Diwali festival to make a profit.

Deepavali is not celebrated for killing Narakasuran

Tithi Chaturdasi which may come before the day of the new moon. Due to this, Deepavali is celebrated in northern India on the day of Chaturdasi Tithi.

In South India, including Tamil Nadu, Deepavali is observed on November 14, which coincides with Chaturdasi Tithi and the new moon day. Deepavali is usually a fasting day. This day is a day to remember Lord Krishna and worship Mahalakshmi, Kubera. Clean and prepare the house first for Deepavali.

Deepavali Puja

  • Apply yellow saffron to new clothes and items you buy after bathing.
  • Put pictures of Krishna, Mahalakshmi, Kubera and garland them. Mount the earthenware ghee lamp.
  • Put 3 leaves in front of Swami pictures and serve Swami the sweets you made, including food items.

Why is Deepavali celebrated?

Put new clothes nearby and pray. Usually, this puja is called Deepam + Oli = Deepavali. So it is good to pray to the Lord in the light of all the lamps by lighting as many incandescent lamps as the Karthika lamp in the house. After the puja is over, put on the putta and worship the Lord once again and receive blessings from the elders in the house. Serve sweets to your neighbors. It is very special to receive blessings from them too.

The festive celebration would not be complete without unique music. Make sure you compile a Diwali playlist before you start your celebration. The playlist should be a mix of some dance songs and some Diwali theme tracks. Choose the songs in the playlist that are suitable for the dance. Celebrate your Diwali with dancing and singing.

Even if a casual decor is nice, the theme-based one is pleasant. You can choose a specific theme for your party and ask your guests to dress accordingly. Wearing the same theme i.e. monochromatic clothes for your family and guests coming to your home will add extra charm. This will no doubt enhance the beauty of your festive atmosphere.

Ganga bath on Deepavali day

During this important celebration, donating as much as possible to the poor and needy, perhaps even those who do not even have access to food can receive the full blessing of Mahalakshmi by donating food.


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