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Bhogi Pandigai 2023 - Know Significance & Rituals

Bhogi festival is celebrated on the first day of the Pongal festival. For a long time, people used to burn old things on this bhogi festival. Bhogi festival is a day to worship and satisfy Indra and others.

On the day of the Bhogi festival, before sunrise, in front of the door of the house, they will set fire to the rubbish and old items that are not needed in the house. Thus it is an allegory that the thrush at home will end. Then wash and clean the door of the house and have the habit of making beautiful kolam podam.

Shastra says that on the day of Bhogi the Pitras come to our house. So it is customary to make their favorite food, to make puttadas, to worship the fire with coconut, betel, baguette, banana. During the Bhogi festival, fake, vada, payasam, etc. are created for the Lord.

Significance of Bhogi

The main purpose of this bogey is to get rid of the old and the new. That is, it is considered a day to throw away useless old things.

BoogieThe festival was known as Bhogi, which has become known as Maruvi Bhogi over time. According to the custom of the time, the Bhogi festival was celebrated as a way of thanking the past year and welcoming the new year.

Clean house

Bhogi is celebrated on the basis of the belief that one should ignore the old unwanted items in the house and inject new ones into the house. This will eliminate unwanted items and rubbish in the house. Its source house is clean.
The house will be painted and decorated for the Pongal festival. Previously they were whitewashed. Thus the insect in the house, the beetles will run away or die from the lime. Thus those in the house will be freed from its harassment.

Relationships thrive:

Not only that but immorality on this day. The festival is called ‘Rudra Gita Gnanayagnam’ which is a festival to improve the relationship by removing unwanted evil thoughts. A good day to put not only the old junk in the fire, but also the unwanted thoughts and evil thoughts in the mind. Through this the event of realizing the soul and purifying the soul will take place.

Bhogi festival puja

On the day of Bhogi, an ‘Nilay Pongal’ event should be held in Vaikarai in the early morning. That is to say, the levels of the house are painted yellow, tilakamittu, the roof is decorated with mistletoe, poolappu, avarampu, mango leaf pose, cane with a cane, beautified with coconut, banana, betel, bagu, worship and worship the deities in the house.
This will get rid of the evil forces in our home and increase the letsumikatsam.

Not to be done on the Bhogi

  • This pooja should be performed by the head of the family at home.
  • On this day Vada, Payasam, cereals, fake, beans, pulses etc. will be created for the Lord.

What to do?

Some unwanted items in the house can be burned in the fire, but now air pollution is increasing as plastic, including tires, is removed. We must protect our planet and our environment without doing these things. Not burning anything if possible is now optimal in a polluted environment.

The house will be whitewashed and cleaned before Pongal. Then set aside unwanted old items. It is customary to burn those old items on the day of the bog. Then the children will play the small drums. Thus the Bhogi festival is set to welcome the Pongal festival.

The Bhogi festival is considered to be the day of ‘smoking the old and smoking the new’. It is considered a day to get rid of old and useless things. The principle is to remove not only the house but also the evil thoughts and misconceptions in the mind.


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