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Soora samharam 2023 - Know Religious belief & Story

After that, Swami Jayantinathar rises from the Yakshala in front of the 108 Mahadeva Sanctum in the temple precincts at Thangachappara. There is a special anointing for Swami and Goddess. From there the Swami wakes up in the evening at Thangachappara to the Athena Mandapam in Thiruvananthapuram There is Deeparadhana going on for Swami. Swami wakes up at 4.30 pm to the beach near the temple for the Surasamaharat.

Millions of devotees usually flock to the beach to watch the procession. Devotees are not allowed to attend this year’s Surasamahara event as a corona prevention measure. Also, in response to the usual place on the beach, arrangements have been made to hold the show on the beach near the temple.

Singaravelar Won

For the Thiruchendur massacre, the Vail purchase event was held yesterday at the Nagara District Problem Singaravelavar Temple. Swami Singaravelavar came to Valli in a silver chariot yesterday morning. Then, to Annai Vel Nedunkanni, the Singaravelavar Vail purchase event took place last night.

Held on the beach

Ramkumar Adithan of Thiruchendur, in a petition filed in the Madurai branch of the High Court, had sought an order to conduct the Surasamaharam on the beach in the traditional manner.

When the petition came up for hearing in the session of Justices N. Kirupakaran and P. Pukhalendi, it was informed by the Government that the Surasamaharam ceremony will be held at the beach as usual and the Tirukkalyanam will be held in front of the 108 Mahadevar Sanctuary.

Soora Samharam Story

This is the day to destroy the forces of evil. Today is the 20th Kandasashti. Let us please Lord Murugan. The one who handles blocked blurry things. Mars will bless you!

The monster has been committing atrocities since he was a Datsana in the first incarnation and a Surapadmana in the next incarnation. Destroyed by Sivanar Veerapathira at birth. In rebirth … Murugapperuman incarnated to destroy Surapathman.

Siva made six sparks appear from them to open his forehead eyes, without Parvati’s contact, to save the sages and the gods and the people.

The Vayu Bhagavan carried the sparks and placed them on the lotus flowers that had blossomed in the Saravana lie. Those sparks appeared to be six children. The six children were raised by six Karthik mammals. Myths say that these six sages have the six qualities of wisdom, wealth, beauty, vigor, zeal, and fame.

The Pranava Soropa includes the trinity of gods Mukundan, the god of protection, Rudran, the god of destruction, and Kamalorpavan, the god of creation. And since Lord Murugan appeared in Sivagni, the people of Acharya are proud to say that Arumugam is Siva and Siva is Arumugam.

After that, Lord Murugan, who wanted to destroy the monsters, first destroyed all the armies like Singamughan, Tarakasuran and his son in five days. Sixth day … Surabathman. That is the climax. The end of the monster. The final day of the monster. The day to put an end to arrogance.

But, Kandamperuman is not Karunamoorthy. He decided not to kill him. He showed his visceral grace. Suran’s arrogance disappeared as soon as he saw it. ‘I have become a sea to scare you. May the devotees who come to worship you bathe in me, remove the arrogance and grant me the wisdom to surrender as your Thiruvatiye Kathi! To this day , if we swim in the sea of Thiruchendur and see the Lord of Senthur, all our arrogance will fly away. Enemies will harass and harass. It is said that all arrogance disappears.

They will buy Vail in trouble and say Surasamaharam in Senthur . Thus Vetrivelan bought the Vail, made the Surasamaharam and waited for the Indira gods and people. Delighted by this, the gods ended up marrying the deity of their race to Lord Murugan. I.e., the first day of the Surasamaharam. The next day Tirukkalyana ceremony.

On this day, pay obeisance to Lord Murugan on Tuesday evening. Balakumaran will bowl all the enemies. On the auspicious day of Tirukkalyana, worship Deivana’s husband. Hand in hand with the privilege of marriage. Kandakumaran will give the wedding gift.


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