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Labh Panchami 2023 - Kmow Significance, Benefit & Story

Labh Panchami is also called Saubhagya Labh Pancham, which is mainly celebrated in Gujarat. This is the last day of the Diwali festival, which is celebrated on the day of Panchami.

Good luck means good luck and profit means good profit. Therefore, this day is considered to be a day of good fortune and good fortune.

It is believed that worshiping on the day of Panchami brings benefits, good fortune, progress in life, business, and family. In Gujarat, all businessmen celebrate their festival after Diwali and start their work back on this day.

Labh Panchami Significance

This festival is very important in Gujarat, where it is celebrated with great pomp. From this day on, business people start a new bookkeeping there, it is called Khatu. First of all, write auspicious from kumkum on the left and right side. In the middle of this, we make companions. On this day Hindus worship Lakshmi. Jain communities worship the enlightening book, as well as pray for more wisdom.

How To Celebrate Labh Panchami Puja

  • In some areas of India, people worship Vidya on the day of Panchami, and pray for wisdom and knowledge.
  • On the day of Panchami, people distribute clothes, sweets, money and other essential items among the people.
  • On the day of Panchami, people congratulate each other for good gains in times to come.
  • On the day of Diwali, people who are not able to worship Sharada, they open their shops and business institutions and worship them.
  • On this day, people worship Lakshmi and Ganesh and pray for happiness and prosperity.
  • On the day of Panchami, relatives, friends visit each other’s house, and exchange sweets and gifts. It is said that doing this brings more sweetness in relationships.
  • According to the big scriptures and sages, the greatest benefit is to achieve human life, remembering that human beings should not pay attention to the worldly things, should pay attention to spiritual things and the true father God and his Should be engaged in the search for love.

Importance of benefit Labh Panchami

The festival of Deepawali begins with Dhanteras and the last day of this festival of lights is celebrated as Gaya Panchami. The festival of benefic Panchami is considered a very auspicious day, on this day people return to their work after a long festival of Diwali.

The merchant classes resume their shops and establishments on this day. It is believed that by worshiping on the day of Panchami, people get benefit, comfort and good luck in life, business and family.

What do benefits do on Labh Panchami?

Most of the shop owners and traders in Gujarat resume their business activities on the profit fifth after the festival of Diwali. Hence the benefit is observed as the first working day of the fifth Gujarati New Year. On this day, businessmen inaugurate the new ledger, known as Khatu in Gujarati, by writing auspicious on the left, profit on the right and a swastika mark in the center of the first page.

In other parts of India, the festival of Diwali ends with Bhai Dooj. It is a five-day festival in Central India, North India, where Dhanteras, Hell Chaudas, Deepawali, Annakoot, Bhai Dooj are celebrated.

In Gujarat, this festival starts on Dhanteras and ends on the benefit Panchami. On the second day after Diwali, people go for picnics in Gujarat, there is a family picnic, which is of one day or 2-3 days. On the day of Panchami, they all return and get involved in their work, and start working in a new way.


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