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Pitru Paksha Shraddha 2023 - know significance & Puja Vidhi

It is believed that no auspicious actions are done in the Pitru Paksha because ancestors are offered in Pitra Paksha and they are remembered and thanked. Some things should be taken special care of in the Pitru Paksha. Only then can you get the full benefit of worship.

The Pitra dosha comes in astrology. This means that the fathers are angry. When the ancestors get angry. So a lot of suffering has to be endured in a person’s life. There may be loss of money, disease, obstruction of work, and respect. Due to mental stress, the person is not able to take the right decision. Such problems can occur in life due to Pitra dosha.

Importance and fruits of Shraddha

Pitra paksha is the virtue achieved by the offering of ancestors, in astrology, Pitra dosha is also mentioned. In such a situation, there are always troubles, crises and conflicts in a person’s life due to Pitra Dosh. Therefore, it is said to be very important to correct this defect. In Pitra Paksha, thanks are given to the ancestors through Shraddha Karma. By doing this, your father is happy and offers his blessings. Along with this, by doing Shraddh, the souls of the Pitakas also get peace.

How to perform Shraddha?

Shraddh is performed only on his death date, it is believed that it is considered good to perform Shraddha Ashtami of the father and Shraddha of mother on the date of Vanami. If someone dies prematurely, then Shradh should be performed on the day of Shraddha Chaturdashi. At the same time, Shradh of sadhus and ascetics is performed on the day of Dwadashi.

Method of Shraddha donation

Pindadan is also very important in the ancestral side, in which people offer rice, cow’s milk, ghee, good and honey to the ancestors made by mixing them. Along with this, black sesame, barley, kusha, white flowers are mixed and tarpan is done.

Why shraddha is performed?

Shraddh gets the blessings of the ancestors, along with this there is also a tradition of giving donations. Dosha is eliminated by performing Shraddha, if you have Pitrodosh in your horoscope, then this dosha ends. Due to which disease, money crisis, problems in work are removed.

Performing Shraddha destroys mutual discord and estrangement in the family. Respect for elder members of the household increases. During this time, no one should even say abusive words.

How to cook food in Shraddh?

It is believed that the food of Shraddha should be very simple and pure, otherwise your ancestors do not accept that food and you do not get the full benefit of Shraddha Puja. Kheer is absolutely essential in the food of Shraddha. Use of barley, peas and mustard is considered best.

There should be more dishes for the likes of fathers. Ganga water, milk, honey, kush and sesame are the most important. Excess of sesame seeds can give more results. Mole can help protect Shraddha from vampires.

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