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Aadi Perukku 2023 - Know Significance, Method & Benefits

This festival is celebrated with the water coming from swollen rivers. The Adi Perukku festival is celebrated with the aim of showing reverence and gratitude to the river Kaveri, because it is because of the river Kaveri that prosperity prevails in this area.

On this festival, most families like to cook and have a picnic on the banks of the nearby lake or pond. There is a belief behind this that God is pleased by doing this. By doing this people feel themselves closer to the environment. Women and children show their gratitude by lighting a lamp near these reservoirs in the evening. Apart from Tirucharapalli, the Adi Perukku festival is celebrated with great pomp in Erode, Thanjavur and Salem on the banks of the river Kaveri.

When and how is celebrated Aadi Perukku?

Adi Perukku is a Hindu Tamil festival. It is a monsoon-based festival, which is mainly celebrated by those associated with farming. During the puja, people worship Maa Kaveri and Varuna Devi for rain, so that the rain is good and the harvest is good.

On this day, women worship and worship Goddess Pachai Amma. This festival is celebrated on the banks of the Kaveri River or a lake. During this time, due to the monsoon, there is plenty of water in the river, which brings happiness and prosperity to the local people. This festival is especially celebrated by farmers and people whose life depends on water.


Significance of Aadi Perukku

Worship Cauvery and take advantage of this auspicious day to get all the benefits. Married women worship Cauvery’s mother, saying, “Husband should be free from disease.”

They bring sugar Pongal, coconut rice, fermented rice and curd rice from home. When everyone in the family is together, they will sing songs they know in praise of Cauvery’s mother. Then, they break the coconut, leave the incubator and show the camphor. The same fire will be shown and worshiped by the caviar.

After that, Talipottu, turmeric, saffron, katholai, karugamani, flower etc. will be dedicated to the mother of Cauvery. He lights a lamp on a banana tree and floats in the water. This worship conducted to Cauvery will bestow all bounties. Childbirth and marriage are available. Ashta Aishwarya will also be looking for. Get improvement in life.

Unmarried virgins also attend this worship and pray to Cauvery for the blessing of marriage. Newlyweds will split the thali and finish the new thali. Adult Sumangali will pick up the new Tali. In addition, the flower garlands worn on the wedding day will be kept safe at home and will be left in the river on the day of the flood.

All of this will take place on the shores of Kavirik, led by adult women from each family. The boys play on the river bank by rolling small wooden chariots called ‘sabbarat tatti’.

The women would tie yellow ropes around their necks and the men who accompanied them on their hands, dedicating Mangala items to the Cauvery, which keeps agriculture and their families alive.

On that day, the women would leave the bath and wear putta. Viper cleans the isthmus on the riverbank and leaves the lamp on. They will spread banana leaves there. The child holds the green manure or turmeric and puts the Mangala material on the banana leaf. There are turmeric, saffron, tambourine, palm oil, coconut, glass bracelets, palm fronds, karugamani, rice, jaggery, blouses, capers, aval, etc.


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