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Pausha Amavasya 2023 - Know Importance, Puja Vidhi & Effects

The month of Krishna is fixed every month on the new moon of the Hindu calendar. This date is considered important from the religious and astrological point of view. On this day, the day-bath has special significance. Amavasya Tithi according to the decimal from the due date.

It is believed that bathing the Ganges on this day frees the body, mind, and soul from all three sins. That is why, on this day, a crowd of lakhs of devotees throngs to take a bath on the banks of Sangat. This month is also considered to be the month of Sun God.

The full moon date is according to the moon. This amazing combination of Surya Chadma is found only on Paush Purnima. On this day, worship of both Sun and Moon fulfills all desires. The obstacles of the planets are calmed and the blessings of salvation are attained.

Donation is special

There is the ability to bathe on Amavasya day. This day is followed by a bath – Dakshinayan. On the day of Amavasya, the person bathing has all the sins and negative washings. It is popular that human beings have flourished on the day of Amavas with worship-text, day-virtue, health and chanting.

Puja Vidhi

  • Shraddha karma, bathing, day-virtue and Pitru tarpan auspicious results of happiness to fathers on Amavasya.
  • Red flowers and red sandalwood arghya in pure water to the sun after bathing on Amavasya. Concentrate on the mind of God and manifest your feelings.
  • On this day, if you wish, you can also fast for the peace of the fathers. Give thanks to yourself with a calm mind and thank you for this life.
  • On the day of Amavasya, light the lamp, the fruit of the Peepal tree and the basil plant water. Who is God with a calm mind.
  • Day-virtue is also needed from the day of Amavasya. Worship on Amavasya is similar to that of ancestors.


What is the importance?

Fasted on this day. Freedom from Pitra Dosh and Kalsarp Dosh. In this way prefer to do this to put white light in the white color Plan to do this after prevailing after posing on the day of Pausha Amavasya.


The fate of Pitradosh is hindered. Peace of Pitridosh on Amavasya. There is progeny that occurs in the event of Pitradosh. Interruption in job and occupation is also due to Pitradosh.

Astrological significance of Pausha Amavasya

According to the size of the Hindu, Paush month (also known as Pushya month), Dongwan is common, such as to increase fertility and fertility. Paush month Saubhagya Lakshmi month also known as Paush month The divine is divine, the prophecy of the blessed Lakshmi is auspicious, the predecessor of the Yasha Amavasya is the divine, the divinity, the dhanata, and the blessed horoscope special. Devotees Ketu, Surya, Saturn, and Prabhu will be affected by Pausha Amavasya especially Kapada and food day or clothes.

How to get rid of the disease effect on Pausha Amavasya?

• To eliminate or reduce the effects of Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu, and Astu, this deity will be the deity of the gods (Vastra Divas and Annas Day).
• To be unprotected by miraculously powerful negative effects, one must have khichdi on Pausha Amavasya.
• Devotees can overcome the effects of dhurya, Sati worship of Shani Dev and Shani dosha on the virtues and Pausha Amavasya.
• The intensity of donations, virtue, worship and Pausha Amavasya’s fasts and the effects of Kaal Sarp Dosh can be reduced.

The person is Shani Mole Dan, Angavastra, Annaprana, Pind Daan, or any river bank of charity, the demon, and the divine. All such actions kill powerful dangerous missiles and are dangerous.

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