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Darsha Amavasya 2024 - Know Importance, Puja Vidhi & Katha

Importance of Darsha Amavasya

The moon is not seen on Darsha Amavasya. On this day, ancestors are worshiped and it is necessary to have a lunar darshan. A fast is observed on this day and all the prayers that you pray with a true heart, Chandra Dev listens to your prayers and fulfills your wishes.

Darsha Amavasya gets special grace of Moon

Those who worship and fast on Darsha Amavasya get special blessings of the moon god and realize the coolness and peace. On this day, ancestors come to the earth and bless their families, so on this day prayers are offered to their ancestors and this Amavasya is also known as Shraddha Amavasya. To get rid of Pitrundosh, performing Pitru Tarpan, bathing, donating etc. on this day is considered very virtuous.

If success has not been there in your life for a long time and struggle is going on, then you can observe the moon by observing fast on the moonrise. Do it, there will definitely be a success in your life. Indian religious scriptures state that Chandra Dev is one of the most important Navagrahas of Hinduism and is also considered to be the nourishment of plant and animal life.

On this day, the moon is completely covered in sky, its special thing is that no. This is the first day after Moon Day, due to which people observe a fast after seeing the moon. Amavasya Tithi, which falls on the Krishna Paksha of every month, is important. Phantom spirits become active on Amavasya day, which is why the days of Chaudas and Amavasya Must keep a distance from evil actions. On this day, special attention should be paid to religious work, worship etc.

Puja Vidhi of Darshan Amavasya

  • According to the scriptures, Darsha Amavasya has a tradition of bathing and donating to ancestors.
  • Bathing of Ganga should be done on this day, but due to the increasing outbreak of Corona, it is difficult to do so.
  • In such a situation, you can worship in a nearby river or at home by sprinkling a little Ganga water on yourself.
  • The worship of Shiva-Parvati and Mother Tulsi on this day is very fruitful.
  • Recall your fathers while worshiping at home and wish for a happy life. This fast is celebrated with a lot of rituals and rituals
  • In Hindu mystics, Chandra Dev is considered to be the most important Navagraha. He is known as the lord of emotions and nourishment of plant and animal life. It is said that people who worship Chandra Dev on this auspicious day get good luck and prosperity in their life.
  • It reduces troubles in life.
  • Worshiping the Moon on this day can help a person gain spiritual sensitivity.
  • This day is associated with knowledge, purity, and good intentions.
  • Worshiping ancestors (known as Pitru in Sanskrit) is considered to be the most important day of worship.
  • Many types of worship are performed on this day to achieve Moksha (completing the cycle of life and death) as well as wishing for a good fortune.
  • Fasting on Darsha Amavasya, the date of Amavasya starts from the morning and ends the next day only after the moon sighting.
  • Shraddha performed for ancestors on this day removes sins and Pitra dosha and the ancestors receive blessings for the health and happiness of the family members.
  • Many important pujas are also performed to achieve Moksha (completing the cycle of life and death).

Darsha Amavasya Katha

In ancient times the reindeer were the spirits who lived on the Somrose. Once Barishdas conceived and gave birth to a baby girl whose name was Achhoda. She remained unhappy because she did not have a father and as a result, she wished for the father’s love. She used to cry a lot. The spirits in Pitru Loka advised her to be born as the daughter of King Amavasu on Earth.

She followed his advice and was born as the daughter of King Amavasu, a great king. As per his wish, he received the love and care of his father and felt satisfied. As his wish was fulfilled, he decided to thank the Pitras for their valuable advice and so arranged Pitra Puja for the inmates of Pitru Loka, known as Shraddha.

Shraddh is performed on the day when the moon is not visible and thus begins to be known as Amavas on that day. Since then, the custom of offering Shraddha to the ancestors started on Amavasya day.

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