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Kedar Gauri Vrat 2024 - Importance, Method & Story

In our scriptures, Kedar Gauri vrat is said to be very important. By fasting Kedar Gauri, all the wishes and desires of a human being are fulfilled. According to beliefs, the Gods also fasted Kedargauri to fulfill their wishes.

Special things related to Kedar Gauri Vrat

• Kedar Gauri vrat is mainly celebrated in South India.

• Kedar Gauri vrat is a religious ritual that lasts for 21 days. This vrat begins on the Ashtami date of Shukla Paksha in the Tamil month of Purtata C and ends on Deepavali i.e. Amavasya.

• All the devotees especially fast on the last day of this fast i.e. Amavasya.

Kedar Gauri Pujan Method

  • The urn is covered with a silk cloth. On top of which a pile of rice is kept.
  • 21 threads are tied around the urn. 21 priests are invited to Kedar Gauri vrat.
  • The Kalash installed in this puja is considered to be a reflection of Lord Kedareshwar.
  • Kalash is worshiped by offering kumkum, sandalwood, akshat, musk, frankincense, tambul, flowers and incense.
  • After this mantras of Lord Shiva are chanted. In Kedar Gauri vrat, Bholenath is offered a special offering of 21 types of food along with shriphal.
  • After the puja is over, Prasad is distributed among the devotees and the poor.
  • Ardhanarishwar form of Lord Shiva is worshiped on the day of Kedar Gauri vrat.
  • On this day, the devotees fast for the whole day according to their capacity, or this fast can be done by doing a time fruit.
  • Kedar Gauri vrat should always be done with a pure heart. Whoever performs this fast should call a priest and have food.
  • The worship of Kedar Gauri vrat lasts for 21 consecutive days. All the devotees regularly worship him by installing the urn in the holy place.

Kedar Gauri Vrat story

According to mythological beliefs, this fast was performed by Goddess Parvati. Once a devotee of Mata Parvati left her devotion and started worshiping Lord Shiva. Due to which Goddess Parvati got very angry. Mata Parvati did the penance of sage Gautama to be a part of Shiva’s body. Then Rishi Gautama asked Mata Parvati to observe Kedar Gauri vrat for 21 consecutive days with full devotion.

Mother Parvati obeyed Gautam Rishi and followed the Kedargauri fast for 21 days according to the entire rule. Pleased with this, Lord Shiva gave the left part of his body to Goddess Parvati. Since then, his form came to be known as Ardhanarishwar. Since then, Kedargauri fast is celebrated on this day. Mata Parvati herself kept this fast to please Lord Shiva.

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