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Bol Choth Vrat 2023 - Importance, Puja Vidhi, Vrat Katha

In the month of Savan, many festivals come, whose Hindu society worships it through the law. A festival comes in Savan itself, Bol Choth or Chaturthi. It is known as Bol Choth in Gujarat, while in Madhya Pradesh it is called Bol Choth.

Chaturthi Tithi is considered to be Ganesh ji’s day, but this Chaturthi is known as Krishna Chaturthi. This festival is mainly done by the peasant people, on this day they worship their animals, mainly cow and bull. These animals also have a prominent place in the lives of farmers, because of which they are able to do successful farming, then this day is celebrated for the welfare of cows and calves.

Importance of Bol Choth

Bol Choth is mainly celebrated by the farming community in the state of Gujarat. The festival of Bol Choth is mainly celebrated by the followers of Lord Krishna. Cow, calf are worshiped on this day, and cows were of great importance in the life of Krishna, he himself was a grazing cow, who was worshiped like the mother of cow.

Celebrate Bol Choth

A fast is observed on the day of Bol Choth in Gujarat, every member of the household in the peasant community observes this fast, and prays for the safety of the animals. Bol Choth celebrates a little differently in Madhya Pradesh.

On this day only the women of the house keep a fast, and pray for childbirth and diagnosis of distress. Women also observe this fast for the safety of their children, as well as pray for the prosperity of the entire family.

On this day people of the farming community get up early and clean their animals and their living spaces. Some rice is fed to the animals, and they are worshiped, no work is done by the animals on that day.

Bol Choth Puja Vidhi

• On this day in Gujarat food is prepared under the open sky, and he sits and eats it all.
• On this day in Madhya Pradesh, bada made from urad dal is consumed, there only women enjoy urad dal made on that day.
• On this day, eating milk and things like tea, coffee, yogurt and sweets is considered absolutely right.
• It is said that whoever observes this fast, gets freedom from crisis, along with it he gets children. Wealth is given to Aishwarya by this fast.• On this day, the whole day is fasted, which is opened in the evening after worship.
• On this day, cow and calf are made from soil, some people make gold and silver and worship it.
• After sunset in the evening, these cows, calves are worshiped, as well as Ganesh and Krishna ji are worshiped.
• Some people offer food made from jowar and millet and enjoy it only later.
• The story of Bol Choth should be listened to peacefully after the puja.
• After the pooja, a pair of cow calves made of clay are stitched in a river or pond.

Bol Choth Vrat Katha

When Vishnu came to the earth in the form of Krishna, his hair was liked by all the deities. They used to be fascinated by all these things, be it their food Leela or stealing Makhan with the gopis. To see Krishna’s pastimes, a cow from the Kamdhenu caste entered the Nand Gaushala as Bol. Krishna ji liked this cow very much, he always used to spend time with him. Bol also had a calf, when Bol went to graze, he used to remember her a lot.

Once Bol went to the forest to graze, she grazed, she went far ahead and reached a lion. The lion was happy to see him and started thinking of making his prey. Bol got scared and was thinking about her calf.

As the lion moved towards her, Bol told her not to eat it right now, her calf is hungry in the house, she will come back after feeding him, then he takes her as his prey. The lion started laughing at this and started saying how can I believe this thing of yours. Bol then convinced her and vowed that she would definitely come.

Bol goes back to the cowshed and feeds the calf, and after loving it, leaves it there and comes back to the lion in the forest. The lion is shocked to see him. Actually, they are Krishna in the form of a lion, who comes to test Bol. Krishna comes in his real form, and tells Bol that I was very happy with you, you succeeded in the exam.

You will be worshiped by all mankind on the Chaturthi of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Savan and the entire caste will address you as Gaumata. Krishna ji said that whoever observes this fast will get happiness, prosperity, wealth, wealth and children.

Bol Choth’s fast falls in the month of Sawan, monsoon prevails at this time, and there is a lot of rain everywhere. Through this festival, the safety of all animals is prayed for, so that they can be safe in excess rain, floods. Cattle also have an important place in strengthening the economy in the agrarian country.

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