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Janaki Jayanti 2023 - Know Rituals, Importance & Story

In Hinduism, it is particularly special to worship a particular deity on a particular person. As if the condition of worship of Lakshmi ji is just as right, there is a law of worship of Mother Janaki Ji along with Shriram. In the scriptures, the form of Lakshmi Devi is happy to Sita Mata and Shri Ram Ji gets the form of Shri Hari Vishnu.

To be happy on the day of Rama Navami in Chaitra month, the birthday of Good Rama. The birth of Twil Mata Sita is good on the day of Sita Ashtami or Janaki Jayanti in Ghar Phalgun month.

On the day of Sita Jubilee, there is a law of power and sub-fast of Sita ji with full auspiciousness. Suhagani’s Suhagani’s Suhagani from the monster fast occurs as a child in puberty and the girls vote for this fast.

Janki Jayanti Rituals

Sita is playing on Jubilee / Janaki Jubilee with feminine zeal and zest. Eat all day long. It will be a big baby later, after having grown up, having a vow later. Then the devotees with flowers, incense sticks and lamps or lamps.
The food ceremony which will be included in the banquet will be included in the ceremony. But once you feel good, chant Sita mantra whenever necessary. God as well as Mother Sita, Lamhan and Hanuman Statues

Importance of Janaki Jayanti

The mother is fully enforced as the birth of Sita. Suhagene’s days are happy and she is in a position to sit with Sita ji for the age of her husband. The person who takes care of Janaki has the special status of Shriram and Ji. Diety is that whoever is the person of Shri Ram and Sita ji is in the presence of a special person. People are of the age group to get the good fortune of Janakatiyati. Vishwagya mantra for muscle like a desired groom.

How to worship

  • Mother Sita is worshiped on Janaki Jayanti or Sita Ashtami, but the worship begins with Ganesh ji and Ambika ji.
  • On this day, Suhagin women wake up in the morning and bathe first and light a lamp in the temple of the house.
  • Bath all the Gods and Goddesses in the temple of the house with water.
  • If possible, add the deity Ganga water to the bath water. Meditate on Lord Rama and Mother Sita.
  • Open the fast with Aarti of Mata Sita in the evening.
  • Do devotion to Mother Sita and feed your loved ones and also yourself.
  • In this way, on the day of Sita Ashtami, worshiping with full devotion and freedom from many sins fulfills all desires.

Birth story of Sita ji

According to science, once Janaka’s kingdom is terrible in Mithila. Have become related to the condition related to the anti-oxidation condition. To solve this problem, a sage performed a yajna and a solution in one.

According to the insurer, according to Raji, the actor of Yashasvi family worked as an actor, as the actor worked as an actor. The plowing of the acre from the plow is in a vase. Rajanjanaka’s birth number was also born to be inherited. And Sita’s marriage with Sriram in Kalamama. The due date will be fixed on the due date of Sita ji.

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