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Tarapith Temple, Kolkata: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Tarapith Temple, Kolkata: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Tarapith Temple

One of the famous tourist and religious places of West Bengal. This bench is situated in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. This place is counted among the holiest shrines of Hinduism. In line with mythological beliefs, it is believed that the eyes of Goddess Sati fell right here, while some people additionally believe that Maharishi Vasistha worshiped Goddess Sati right here as Tara.

This place can also be called "Nayan Tara". It is believed that worshiping Goddess Tara relieves every illness. Among the many famous 51 Shaktipeeths of Hinduism, Tarapeeth is the most important. This bench, like the 'Kamakhya Temple' in Assam, is a spot of nice reverence for those who believe in tantra cultivation. Right here also the saints and saints perform cultivation with great faith and reverence.

Tarapith Temple glory

In ancient times, Maharishi Vasistha had attained siddhis by worshiping Goddess Tara at this place. He also constructed a temple at this place, which is now embedded in the earth. Presently Tarapith was built by a merchant named 'Jayavrat'. Once, this merchant reached a village near Tarapith in connection with trade and spent the night there.

In the night, Goddess Tara came in her dream and told her that "There is a cremation ground nearby. There is a rock in the middle of that ghat, uproot it and set it up duly. The Jayavrata merchant also excavated the place according to the orders of the mother.

After this, the merchant built a grand temple of Goddess Tara, and installed the idol of the Goddess in it. In this statue Goddess Tara has Lord Shiva in the form of hair in her lap, which the mother is breastfeeding.

Ever burning fire

The courtyard of the Tarapith temple is located near the crematorium ghat, it is called 'Mahashmshan Ghat'. The fire of the pyre that burns in this majestic ghat is never extinguished. People do not feel any form of concern when coming right here.

The Dwarka River flows across the temple. In the Tarapith temple, a seeker named 'Vamakhepa' meditated on the goddess Tara and achieved many accomplishments from her. It was like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, one of the final devotees of Mother Goddess.

Tarapith Temple Advantages

Goddess Sati's eyes fell in Tarapith, so this place can also be called 'Nayan Tara'. Regarding this place, it is believed that apart from Tantra seekers who come right here to ask for prayers, it's definitely complete.

Worship of Goddess Tara eliminates each disease. At this place each Sakaam and Nishkam Siddhis are attained. The one who destroys 'Tritap' is named Tara. Regardless of the temperature, whether it is the temperature of poison, the temperature of poverty or the temperature of concern, Goddess Tara removes all heat and makes the creature independent. If one's body is bothered with disease or any animal is suffering from sin.

 As soon as he calls Tara-Tara from the heart, Mamatamayi Tara Mata frees her devotees from this tritap. Tara places her Shiva on her brow. She says to the dwelling being- "Don't worry, when I'll die in Chita land, I shall be with you, I will free you from all your sins, all the faults."

Tantra sadhana

Mother Tara is the presiding deity of the ten disciplines. Tantra cultivation is very important in Hinduism. Vindhyakshetra is very famous for Tantra practice since ancient times, where the seeker attains Siddhi by practicing the mother goddess Tara, the presiding deity of left wing apply.

Tarapeeth, the site of Tantra Sadhana, is established in many areas of India, where the cult of the Left is practiced. This bench can also be in special place 'Mayanagari' (Bengal) and Assam (Mohanagari). The Tarapeeth located in Vindhyachal, the Mahapeeth of Adyashakti, has its own significance. Tarapith, situated in the Vindhya area, is close to the crematorium on the sacred banks of the Ganges.

Due to the smoke of the carcass burning in the crematorium reaching the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, this Peetha is considered to be of special importance. The Tantrikas on this Peetha attain perfection soon, it is the belief of the seekers. There is a phantom rock near this temple, the place people offer pinddaan for the peace of the souls of their ancestors in Pitrupaksha.

It was at this place that Maryada Purushottam Lord Rama also offered his father's offering, pinddaan. It is situated on the 'Ramgaya Ghat' of Shivpur in Vindhyachal. Mom Tara, situated here, performs world welfare on the orders of Adyashakti Maa Vindhyavasini.

This goddess can also be recognized as an ardent helper of Mother Vindhyachal and a vigorous watchdog of Dham. In line with the Devipuran, Mother Tara Devi continues to protect the devotees of Mom like vigilant guards in the spiritual realm of Vindhya as per the command of Jagadamba Vindhyavasini.

The seeker usually chooses two paths to achieve cultivation - first practice by mantra, second practice by tantra (yantra). Mantra predominated in Satyuga and Tretayuga. Often the mantras were attained to the seeker.

Nonetheless, Tantra is considered to be the best form of cultivation since Dwapar. For Tantra Sadhana, Tantric practice begins by coming to Tarapith in 'Navratri' and paying obeisance to Mother Tara. For this, it is vital that the seeker should begin underneath the patronage of his spiritual master.

Tarapith Temple Mythology

According to the legend, when Sati's father Daksha Prajapati performed the Mahayagya, he did not invite Lord Shiva to come to the yagna. Even after Shiva's refusal and persuasion, Sati came to affix the daddy's yagna without invitation. Presently Daksha referred to as Lord Shiva absent in entrance of Sati very unhealthy and called him harsh abuses.

After making his sacrifice, Shiva received distracted and took the corpse of Sati on his shoulder and walked through the sky and began touring in the three worlds. The concern of the end of the creation from their anger made the gods and goddesses persecute them.

Everyone prayed to Lord Vishnu. Then Lord Vishnu ruined the corpse of Sati with his chakra. Shaktipeeth came into existence wherever items of Sati's body fell. Tarapith is believed to be the place where the third eye of Sati fell.

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