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Baba Taraknath Temple, Tarakeswar: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Baba Taraknath Temple, Tarakeswar: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Baba Taraknath Temple

The temple of Baba Taraknath in Tarakeswar of Hooghly district is a symbol of the religion of the devotees. That is the reason that devotees come here to get pleasure from their needs throughout the year. Devotees believe that by offering Baba Jalabhishek within the month of Savan, Baba is happy with his devotees.

In the month of Savan, lakhs of Kanwarias from far away come to disguise the burning of Baba Taraknath. According to the legend, this temple was in-built 1829. There is an ancient Dudhpukur (pond) near Baba's temple, where devotees take a dip and see Taraknath.

The priests say that a devotee named Vishnu Das was wandering in the forest with his brother one day. On the same time he saw a Kamadhenu cow on a Shiva Linga in the middle of the forest anointing him with milk. This Kamdhenu cow likewise anointed Lord Shakar with milk on the time of sunrise in the morning.

Swami Vishnu Das constructed the temple of Baba Taraknath 

One day Baba Taraknath came within the dream of Vishnu Das. That night Lord Shakar told him that Kamdhenu cow build my temple at the place on which we anoint with our milk daily. Adhering to the Lord's command, Swami Vishnu Das constructed the temple of Baba Taraknath on the same place. Since then, there's a flow of devotees on this ancient temple of Lord Shakar.

In line with the legend, for the first time, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu visited the temple of Baba Taraknath with water on his shoulder from Ganga Ghat, Nimai shrine of Shevadafuli. And with the same Ganges water they anointed the burning of Tarak Nath. Lord Shakar was fond of Chaitanya Maha Prabhu by his devotion. And gave them a wish as a blessing. It is reported that Chaitanya Prabhu's alias name was Nimai.

People travel from Nimai Tirtha Ghat 

For this reason, Shevadafuli Ganga Ghat is named after him Nimai Tirtha Ghat. Devotees say that the glory of Baba Taraknath is immense. With a purpose to get the power of their devotion, lakhs of people travel from Nimai Tirtha Ghat to the temple of Baba Taraknath every year in the month of Sawan.

Although the pilgrimage of the pilgrims continues throughout the year, the month of Sawan is particular when lakhs of devotees arrive. Hundreds of devotees perform Jalabhishek on this temple situated 58 km from Kolkata and 37 km from Baidhwati. With a purpose to have no problem for devotees, in July and August, 2000 policemen have been deployed in each route to Tarkeshwar Dham.

Safety arrangements have been made

District Superintendent of Police Praveen Kumar Tripathi stated that vigilant safety arrangements have been made at Nimai Tirtha Ghat and Tarakeswar Temple and Dudhpukur in Baidyavati. Apart from CCTV, door metal frame, RT cellular.

Speed boats have also been arranged. There are particular police arrangements on Baidiwati, Tarakeswar Highway, Delhi Road and Durgapur Specific Highway. Baidyavati Municipality and Tarakeswar Municipality have also maintained their very own cleanliness. Efforts are continuing on their half to include Tarakeswar MLA and former Tourism Minister of the state Rakshapal Singh Tarakeswar in the main tourist space of Bengal.

Efforts to develop it as a tourist space

This temple comes in the Arambagh parliamentary constituency, so MP Parupada Poddar alias Afrin Ali can be making efforts to develop it as a tourist space. He believes that aside from Shiva Dham in Tarakeswar, there's a Buddhist temple at Devalpada in Tarakeswar and the birthplace of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa in Kamarpukur. The temple of Tarakeswar may be very historic and built within the shape of eight chalas, it was built by King Bharmal Dev. To the north of the temple is Dudhpukur.

Folks believe that by taking a bath in it and worshiping within the temple of Taraknath, every wish is fulfilled. There is also a temple of Kali and Lakshmi Narayan in the temple complex itself. During the Shivaratri of Phagun and the Ghajan festival of the month of Chait, there is a lot of crowd in the temple.

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