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Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Shani Shingnapur, Maharashtra

Whenever the horoscope of the native is talked about, the condition of Saturn is seen first in it. Is Saturn good or unhealthy? It means a lot for the future of the native.

According to mythology, Shani Maharaj is considered to be the son of Suryadev, but it's also believed that Shani didn't get anything special from his father, even Shani put his vision and turned the solar to black. Surya had to ask Lord Shiva how to get rid of it.

In such a situation, you can understand how powerful Shanidev might be and why his happiness matters so much. There are many religious places, temples all over India for the worship of Shani Dev. But Shani Dham, located in Shingnapur, a village in Ahmednagar, a little bit away from Pune, Maharashtra, has develop into well-known all over the world nowadays.

Actually, in the Shani Shiganapur Dham, women weren't allowed to do Telabhishek for the final 400 years however recently Shiganapur Temple Trust needed to give this permission on the order of the court. So let's know about the specialty of this temple and the story related to it.

Story of Shani Shingnapur Temple 

It's said that once a huge flood occurred in Shinganapur village and a really strange stone also flowed on this flood. When the stress of the flood subsided, a person from the village seen it stuck in the tree. The stone was unusual, so the precious man started to take it down.

As soon as he tried to pull the stone with a sharp thing, where the stone touched it, there was a blood stream, that person got nervous and told the villagers about it. Now the villagers are also shocked. Nobody understood what to do. In such an evening, but the stone didn't transfer from there, people left the talk on the next day and went again home.

It's stated that Shani Maharaj himself appeared in a dream to a gentleman of the village at night and stated that he's himself in the type of a stone, get it put in. The next day, when the villagers came to know in regards to the dream, they began planning to establish it but the stone still didn't budge.

That night Shani Maharaj appeared once more and told that solely maternal uncle and nephew can raise him within the relationship. The next day, Mama-Bhanja picked him up and was simply set up.

The sky is the roof of Shani Dev

A specialty of this Shinganapur Dham of Shani Maharaj is that this form of Shani Maharaj itself is not below any roof. It is also stated that when the stated person asked what the Maharaj Temple must be like, Shani Maharaj himself stated that it should be established in the open because the entire sky is their roof.

As a result, you can go and see that there is no umbrella or dome on this Shani Dham, but this form sits on the platform of marble under the open sky. The height of this statue located in the temple is about 5 feet 9 inches huge while the width is about one feet six inches.

Rules of Shani Shingnapur Temple

The centuries-old tradition in which women Saturn's taboo was prohibited recently broke, with many things being stated from either side and opposition. Native people are apprehensive about being unwelcome due to breaking this tradition.

It isn't easy for males to worship Shani Maharaj. In winter, summer is allowed to worship Shani Maharaj solely after bathing in the open and wearing Pitambar dhoti. With out it, no man can touch the Shani idol, though the bathing and clothes services listed here are provided by the temple administration.

Shani guards the residents of Shinganapur

Shinganapur village stays in the highlight due to this Shani Dham, however there's another factor for which it has made its own place in the entire world. Right here in any home in all the village, even within the workplace, even within the bank, there are not any locks in any respect.

The belief behind it's that the Lord Shani himself guards the residents and their belongings right here. Due to the concern of Shani, nobody can dare to steal.

Generally when someone does such a durait, the end result is very bad. It's stated that thieves are not able to cross the border of the village by taking stolen goods. Blood transfusions start or they're caught with the goods.

How to reach Shinganapur Dham

Although it's not troublesome to reach any nook of the world these days, however it is rather easy to go to Shinganapur Dham. The distance from Shani Sai Dham to this abode of Shani Maharaj is 70 km and the distance from Nashik in Maharashtra can be 170 km. It's 68 km from Aurangabad. You can attain the Shani Dham in Shingnapur village, just 35 km from Ahmed Nagar, by rail, road.

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