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Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, Dwarka: Know The Religious Belief and Significance

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, Dwarka: Religious Belief and Significance

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, Dwarka

Like the temple of Lord Dwarkadhish, Nageshwar Mahadev Temple of Dwarka, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, also has a silent passage. Here, every year lakhs of devotees arrive from Saptami to Janmashtami.

About 30 km from Dwarka, this temple is located in the center on the way in direction of Wager Dwarka. Due to this, devotees coming to Dwarkadhish definitely come here. Other than this, this temple is special for those devotees, whose horoscope has Kalsarp or Nag Dosh. It's believed that by offering Nag-Nagin made of various metals here and worshiping them, the snake defect is removed.

Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati appeared in the form of a serpent

Mahant Giridhar Bharti Goswami of Nageshwar Mahadev Temple says that there's a crowd of devotees throughout the month of Savan. As a result of, in the month of Sawan, worship is of special significance for liberation from snakebite. It's believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appeared in the type of a snake. Only after this temple was built.

Glory of Nageshwar Temple

Nageshwar Temple is an ancient Shiva temple located within the border of Dwarakanagari. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Nageshwar means liberation from defects by Lord Shiva. In the Rudra Samhita, Shiva is described as 'Darukavan Nagesham'. Nageshwar is considered the first Jyotirlinga on earth.

Apart from Nageshwar, different deities of this Jyotirlinga are in Jagateshwar (Almora, Uttarakhand) and Aundh (Maharashtra). Based on Shiva Purana, Nageshwar is Darukavan (title of a mythical forest). Darukavan can also be mentioned in different ancient texts such as Kamyakavan, Dvaitavan and Dandakavan and so on.

The legend behind the name of Nageshwar Mahadev

A demon girl named Daruka pleased Mata Parvati by doing hard penance. He told Mata that we can't go to Daruka forest, but there are many varieties of divine medicines. For good deeds, let the demons go to that forest.

Mata gave the boons to the demons to go into the forest for the purpose of Satkarma, but Daruka and other demons snatched the forest from the deities and got a Shiva devotee named Supriya dwelling there. After this, Supriya meditated on Shiva and asked him the boon to destroy the demons.

When Shiva killed Daruka, Daruka desired him to name the forest as Nageshwar, after which the title of this forest grew to become Nageshwar.

How to reach Nageshwar?

To reach Nageshwar one has to reach Dwarka first.

Railroad track
Dwarka is connected by rail to many main cities of the country. Dwarka station is positioned on the Ahmedabad - Okha broad gauge railway line. Rail service is offered from cities like Surat, Vadodara, Goa, Karnataka, Mumbai and Kerala.

Dwarka is connected by a number of state highways. Gujarat State supplies transport services from the close by cities of Dwarka. Buses are simply out there here at common intervals. Dwarka travel package is available by private travel company.

The nearest domestic airport of Dwarka is located in Jamnagar. Which is about 135 km. Is located at a distance. One can attain Dwarka by taxi from Jamnagar Airport. Regular air services to Jamnagar can be found from Mumbai International Airport.

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Mythology

There was a Vaishya named 'Supriya', who was very righteous and virtuous. He devoured the body, put a rosary of Rudraksha on his neck and did devotion to Lord Shiva. Supriya didn't eat food with out worshiping Shiva.

Supriya was at all times engrossed in Shiva worship, worship and meditation. He also taught lots of his family and companions to worship Lord Shiva. Being in the firm of Supriya, all his companions had been always engrossed in Shiva worship, worship and meditation.

There was a well-known demon named Daruka. He took many demons with him and started destroying saint-mahatmas destroying auspicious deeds like Yajna. She didn't like Shiva's devotion in any way.

He continually tried to ensure that the worship of Supriya was interrupted. One day Supriya was going somewhere along with her companions on board the boat. The Daruka monster came to know about this. Seeing the opportunity, he attacked the boat and took all of the passengers aboard and took him to his kingdom and put him within the jail.

Even within the popular jail, according to his routine, worshiping Shiva started worshiping. He started teaching different Shiva worshipers and other prisoners of Kargar and his companions, inspiring them to Shiva devotion.

When Daruka heard this news from his servants, he came to Kargara in a fierce rage. At that time, the beloved was engrossed within the attention of Shiva. Seeing this pose of Supriya, the demon shouted in a really harsh tone. His shout didn't even break Sumriya's tomb. Seeing this, the Daruka demon grew to become absolutely reddened with anger.

He instantly ordered his servants to kill Supriya and all other companions. Still, Supriya didn't get distracted and frightened. He concentrated in meditation and began praying to Shiva for the liberation of himself and other companions. Hearing his prayer, Shiva instantly appeared as Jyotirlinga on a shining throne in that prison. Shiva himself took away Pashupatastra and destroyed all weapons and weapons with his servants.

Darshan and worshiped with service and requested Shivji to be situated at this place. On this way, Lord Shiva was known as 'Nageshwar' within the type of Jyotirlinga and Mom Parvati also became famous as 'Nageshwari'.

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