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Indrakshi Shakti Peeth, Jaffna, Sri Lanka - The Shaktism

Indrakshi Shakti Peeth, Jaffna, Sri Lanka - The Shaktism

Lanka or Indrakshi Shakti Peeth, Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Lanka or Indrakshi Shaktipeeth is considered one of the 51 Shakti Peeths famous in Hinduism. This Shaktipeeth is situated in Nallur, 35 km from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Lanka or Indrakshi Shaktipeeth is very closer to the famous Triangheswara-temple. Devraj Indra worshiped Mata Kali here. Here Goddess Shakti was also worshiped by lord Rama and Ravana.

Based on the Puranas in Hinduism, wherever the body parts or ornaments of the goddess Sati fell, there they became Shaktipeeth. These Shaktipeeths are called very holy shrines, which are spread all over the Indian subcontinent. These Shaktipeeths are very important from a religious point of view. Devipurana describes 51 Shaktipeeths.

This place is one of the 18 great powers of Adi Shankara

This place is also mentioned by Adi Shankaracharya in certain 18 Maha-Shaktipeeths. This temple has been attacked many times in history, which changed the shape of the temple, but the statue was saved every time. The Chola and Pallava kings did considerable work in this temple.

Indeed, this magnificent temple was demolished by the Portuguese invaders in the 17th century, after which there was nothing here except for the only pillar of the temple. According to locals, the Tamil Chola king of South India, Kulakottan, renovated the temple, and in 1952 Tamil Hindus living in Sri Lanka gave it its present form.

The blind a part of Sati's body had fallen

Here the part of Sati's body (the middle part of stomach and thigh) fell. Therefore, this temple was considered as Shaktipeeth. There is also a mention of Sati's throat and Nupur falling here in some texts. The power here is Indrakshi and Bhairav Rakshaseshwar. It is believed that Shankari Devi temple was established by Ravana himself. There is also a temple of Shiva, called Triganeswar or Koneshwaram. Hence the importance of this place is in the worship of both Shiva and Shakti.

Historical Belief

Out of 51 Shaktipeeths Lanka or Indrakshi Shaktipeeth is also one of them. According to religious texts, parts of Goddess Sati fell at all these locations. According to the legend, a yajna was organized by King Daksha, father-in-law of Lord Shiva, during which King Daksha did not send invitations to Lord Shiva and Mother Sati, as a result of King Daksha didn't consider Lord Shiva as his equal.

Mother Sati discovered it very bad. She reached the yagna with out calling. There was quite a lot of insult to Lord Shiva on the place of sacrifice, which Mata Sati could not tolerate, and she fell into the Havan Kund there.

Lord Shankar started doing Tandava

Lord Shankar came to know about this, after which he reached there and took out the body of Mata Sati from Havan Kund and started doing Tandava, which caused upheaval in the entire universe. To save your entire universe from this disaster.

Lord Vishnu divided the body of Mata Sati into 51 parts from his Sudarshan Chakra, the limb where it fell became the Shakti Peetha. The "Payal" (Nupur) of Mata Sati was dropped in Lanka or Indrakshi Shaktipeeth.

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